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On November 24th, CCP Chairman Xi Jinping proposed initiating a global QR code system at the G20 summit. On November 30th, Carrie Lam proposed a “health code system” after Zhong Nanshan urged Hong Kong to launch city-wide compulsory virus testing. Hong Kong citizens, who are suffering the Orwell-like totalitarian regime of the CCP, have sensed the dark age of digital population surveillance is suffocating.

It might sound irrelevant to the residents in many countries distant from Hong Kong, but the fact is that what has happened in the former enclave of law and liberty will happen in every part of the world, if the world refuses to be awakened by the suffering of civilized peace-loving Hong Kong residents. Within one year, Hong Kong, a highly-civilized cosmopolitan city, has descended into a concentration camp, where CCP authorities can do whatever they feel like, from gang raping children to getting rid of substantial amounts of people. With the collapse of the local economy, the once alluring city turns into a  waste land. Nevertheless, Hong Kong residents are expecting and hoping that their sufferings will awaken the international community, and will eventually save the world as well as their fallen city from the evil clutches of the CCP.

The memory of the protest movement is bitter, and the siege of the university campus is the bitterest as it symbolizes the fall of civilization. November 2020 marked the first anniversary of the Hong Kong police force attacking universities in Hong Kong, an unprecedented humiliation of academia in the city. Last year, the police sieged the university campuses without legal warrants, causing a severe humanitarian crisis and fundamentally, if not permanently, traumatized the youth in the city.

On November 18th, 2019 at the peak of the protest movement, thousands of young people, including middle school students, were informed by the police to leave the campus of Hong Kong Polytechnic University immediately. Some protesters followed the order and tried to leave the school via the main entrance only to find themselves being arrested. Soon the besieged protesters started to panic as they realized there was no way out except being arrested, with the possibility of torture or rapings by the police. 

The desperate youth refused to give in. They had been trapped and sieged by the police for 16 days, experiencing an extreme shortage of food supplies, rapidly deteriorating hygiene, and exhausted medical supplies. The terrorist-like police force-fired 10,976 rounds of bullets and projectiles at the protesters and students. 235 were injured and one was in critical condition.

The Hong Kong government, however beguiled that the protesters were “rioters,” although only one policeman was injured by an arrow shot by athletes who tried to defend themselves. 

When the police turned the campus into a battlefield without warning, they fired 4 live rounds, 1,600 projectiles, and 4,823 tear gas canisters indiscriminately at students, protesters, and journalists. Those who were exposed to the tear gas experienced physiological disorders for months, if not a year, including chronic diarrhea, chronic skin ulcers, incurable itching, and black menstrual blood. 

The desperate protesters, on the other hand, tried to find their way-out by any means possible including crawling though filthy sewage pipes. The self-defense, unfortunately, was used as “evidence” for charging “rioting.”

Undeniably, the police force broke the law. For more than a century, Hong Kong has made it a law that the police are not allowed to step into any school campus without a warrant. This explained why the protesters, as well as citizens, would “defend the campus” at all costs. Thousands of citizens volunteered to support the sieged students took to the streets and tried by all means to offer supplies. They formed human chains for kilometers in the blocked streets to pass the necessary materials to the needy, but the police attacked and squashed the supporters brutally. Hong Kong people, some of the most law-abiding, civilized people in the world, suffered this inhumane crisis caused by police brutality and judicial injustice.

One may wonder why unarmed Hong Kong citizens would fight to the last. They resist tyranny not because they are bold. Rather, they fight desperately only because they are extremely afraid of the evil CCP regime. For most of the young protesters, they know they must fight “now or never.”

The siege at Hong Kong University was also traumatic because of Zhu Yuan who is said to be the granddaughter of former Prime Minister, Zhu Rongji. On November 17th, Miles Guo, in his daily live broadcast, urged the students protesting at the campus to disband and leave immediately. He said, “some female protesters are strongly suggesting to give up the standoff and leave the campus immediately!” There was suspicion that Guo was warning Zhu Yuan. Unfortunately, Zhu chose to stay and so did more than 1,000 protesters. The decision was costly, as nearly 900 were arrested, and some were probably killed.

Zhu, of course, was not arrested. Former Legislative Council President Jasper Tsang went to the campus to save her under the excuse of “rescuing the students.” Tsang rescued no one but Zhu who was invited to a car, safe and sound, while leaving others in danger. In fact, the whole city is currently in danger. No one knows how many young people in the city have been tortured, imprisoned, or maybe have perished. Besides the newly-enacted national security law, as well as the secret police patrolling the streets to arrest or kill whoever they want to, Hong Kong has already turned from a city of liberty and law into a controlled concentration camp. Digital technology has been a handy tool for the secret police to spot, trace, arrest (or murder) the dissidents. 

The success in suffocating Hong Kong escalates Chairman Xi in his plan to control the world, but Hong Kong citizens will not give up resisting this evil. They are navigating new ways to resist the CCP’s “legal” occupancy. Some are praying to God to turn them into David who took down Goliath; some are holding gatherings of reading and practicing; some are promoting new apps to avoid consuming in CCP-funded shops; others are keeping a low-profile and waiting for the right timing. “Humble and powerless as we are,” said a poster on LIHKG, a Reddit-like social media in Hong Kong, “we are nevertheless the ones who are taking down the most powerful.” 

Observing the voter fraud in the U.S. presidential election, Hong Kong citizens feel connected with Americans as they begin to realize the deceitfulness and trickery of the CCP in the midst of the election. Hong Kong citizens will, ”stand with American people,” for the “revolution of our times,” wrote a recent slogan.

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