CCP Is Determined to Destroy Several American Patriots Around President Trump

In the GTV live broadcast on December 6th, Mr. Miles Guo exposed the CCP’s National Security Commission’s plot to destroy several American patriots around President Trump. He prayed for the Mayor of the United States, Mr. Giuliani, who was diagnosed with the infection of the CCP virus. Miles bluntly said that it has reached the final, critical moment of the termination of CCP. He also reminded and hoped that all high-risk groups should pay special attention to their own personal safety protection.

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So, a few days ago, I told them that I got some top-secret intelligence. The National Security Commission of the CCP held a meeting. They clearly stated that they wanted to get rid of  Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, the Speaker of Virginia, Bannon, Giuliani, and President Trump. The CCP wanted them disappeared. This is the insider intelligence that I got. 

When I sent this information to them, they said they’ve gotten the same thing. And this information has been verified by multiple sources. I asked Mr. Giuliani if he could always wear a mask and gloves without taking them off.

Lots of people, look at Americans, they take off their masks as long as they see no one around, putting masks under their noses. 40-50% of the people put their masks under their noses. Isn’t this self-deception? This is the same as breathing  directly through the nose. Besides, their hands touch everywhere without any attentions. The hands are the scariest reason [to get infected]. In front of the CCP Virus, no one is strong enough, no one!

I knew what happened to Mr. Giuliani yesterday. He was infected by the CCP Virus yesterday, I wouldn’t give you details here. What I want to tell everyone is that the CCP has been playing with fire to such an insane extent. Even the son of a saint like Rudy cannot escape from the  damage by the CCP Virus.

To anyone who said that he caught the virus by normal infection, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that President Trump’s infection of the virus is normal either. As the doctors said, the viral load had exceeded 5,000 to 8,000 for him. It’s impossible for someone to reach such a high viral load, between 5000 and 8000, through human-to-human transmission, at the same level as  President Trump. That’s too crazy. This also proves the accuracy of the intelligence from our BIAs inside the CCP. The CCP wants to get rid of these people and they want to kill the son of a saint.

Brothers and sisters, the war of taking down the CCP has reached the final, critical moment. From the perspective of taking down the CCP, to be honest, this will push the U.S. to accelerate the whole process, as I said to Mr. Giuliani. You guys didn’t notice that the Speaker of Florida also got infected during a meeting. President Trump’s campaign manager suddenly got infected after speaking in Arizona. You just didn’t know that.

Have you noticed that all those who are helping President Trump with the lawsuits, including Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and General McInerny from the U.S. Air Force, all came from Steve Bannon’s Warroom as warriors, after our BIAs learned their names. They all started from the Warroom, then fought in the public domain, and now they are helping President Trump to drain the swamp! Who isn’t [from the Warroom]? Everyone is, including Mr. Giuliani. Now you know.

Brothers and sisters, after our  BIAs told me this information, I sent it to them [Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, General McIneryny, etc.] immediately, and said that the CCP wanted to destroy you, according to the intelligence I have received. It turns out the CCP wanting to destroy people like you was a routine behavior. They called your names this time because you have seriously affected their safety, so you must be destroyed.

Certainly, they believed it, but they didn’t pay enough attention to it and didn’t take any counter-measures, especially on personal protection. Now he was tested with a 5000-8000 viral load and you think it was from normal human-to-human transmission? Even if you say he got it  from someone sneezing on him, I won’t believe it! But it’ll drive him to be more  determined to take down the CCP. He is our buddy, right? Saint, Giuliani.

Since I heard about it yesterday, I have been constantly praying for him, to God. I think our Whistleblower Movement and all BIAs will pray for him. I believe he’s a tough man, though it’s a huge  challenge to him, considering that he’s 74 years old and has a history of cancer, with a viral load of 5000-8000. Now he’s already in the hospital.

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