Lude Media in-depth analysis: Attorney Lin Wood calls for preparing for Doomsday Supplies

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Key information of  Lude Media morning program on Dec 12. :

1. Internet shutdown for the mainstream media platform of the world.

2. Attorney Lin Wood bombshell twitter to remind the American people to be prepared for Doomsday Supplies, to be prepared for the internet possibly disconnecting at any time, and remember America only has 1 President at a time and our leader is President Trump.

3. President Trump signed an executive order on providing an order of succession within the Department of Defense.

1.  Internet Shutdown for the Mainstream Media Platform of the World.

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On the morning of Dec 14, US time, Google, Youtube, Gmail, Discord were completely disconnected for several minutes.

•  Now, with basically controlling the mainstream media platform and cable television networks of the world,  the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is sure to be able to make an impact on the US networks.

• Mr. LuDe’s mood for the show today is similar to that of the January 19 episode, and once again he has a presage that life is about to change dramatically .

2.  Attorney Lind Wood’s Bombshell Tweet

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On December 14 Attorney Lind Woods tweeted: ” Better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have PLENTY of water, food, flashlights & batteries, candles, radio, 2nd Amendment supplies, & a plan to meet with leaders of your communities. Remember we only have 1 President at a time. Our leader is Trump, no Biden.”

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• Attorney Lin Wood tweeted to alert American people to be prepared for Doomsday Supplies to be prepared for the internet possibly shutdown at any time, and remember America only has one President at a time and that’s Trump.

• CCP has already launched an active offense against America, President Trump’s action to defeat the CCP represents the determination of  the American swamp forces.

• The New Federal State Of China(NFSC) had previously revealed the real face of the racketeers , fake democracy movements, and masquerade priests through demonstrations which were to alert the  American people to guard against the CCP using these people to disrupt American order under extreme circumstances .

3. President Trump Signed an Executive Order on Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Defense

President Trump quietly signed an  executive order related to military succession on December 10. It lists the succession order of the successor if the Secretary of Defense has died, resigned, or otherwise become unable to perform the function and duties of the office of the Secretary. Mark A. Milley,  the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is not on the list.  The signing of this order indicates that President Trump’s preparation is getting close to finishing, the following stage is the military actions.

Lude Media comments:

•  Lude revealed: Biden appointed New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as Attorney General. It is said that Xi Jinping requested Cuomo as Attorney General three days before Biden appointed cabinet members.

•  During the epidemic, Bruno Wu’s company donated large quantities of masks to New York State, and Jack Ma donated ventilators.   Andrew Cuomo also purchased large quantities of medical relief supplies from the CCP during the pandemic. He hates President Trump the most, so that if he serves as General Attorney, the Trump families will be liquidated by Cuomo.

•  A lot of brothers and sisters of the Whistleblower Movement came out of the CCP system, It is precisely because there is light and justice in their heart that they decided to overthrow the CCP, now is an armageddon between justice and evil.

•  With the greatest source of strength from God as we stand on the side of God’s righteous power, we must remain calm and the ability to analyze objectively even in extreme environments. 

• Centralized regimes rely on capital and power levers to control and leverage the people , while the democracy societies cultivate independence and self-reliance. In the event of a disaster, Western society will respond together through justice.

•  American society is constantly split internally to prevent the emergence of monopolies, which is very powerful to the outside, while the CCP is completely the reverse.

Jesus said” Don’t be afraid of the military’s power; Because the result doesn’t rely on you but the God.”




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