The Leaked Documents Confirm: The CCP Used the Cyber Army to Manipulate Public Opinion to Cover up the Truth of the CCP Virus

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Recently, more of the documents leaked from within the CCP were released, including more than 3,200 instructions and 1,800 memos, as well as other documents from the China Cyberspace Administration, including the Chinese company Urun Big Data Services. Urun Big Data Services is a service provider for local governments.
ProPublica and The Times identified the hacker group CCP Unmasked as the source of the documents – and claimed that they had verified the authenticity of many materials.

The leaked documents describe responses to the death of Dr. Li Wenliang on February 7 and other incidents. According to the report, the two main goals of the Chinese government’s efforts seem to be to make the impact of the virus look less severe and to make government officials more powerful than they actually are in controlling the epidemic.

The news of Dr. Li Wenliang’s death warned the public about the virus, which triggered a large-scale publicity and censorship effort to help the Chinese government regain control of the country’s narrative of the rapidly growing crisis.

The report also clearly mentions that Chinese President Xi Jinping launched an operation called China Cyberspace Administration in 2014.

Chinese censors worry that the news about the death of Dr. Li Wenliang will cause a “butterfly effect” in subsequent news reports about the virus, which may cause harm to the government, so they ordered the news media not to promote stories about Li Wenliang. Not only that, all entries about Li Wenliang on social media sites have been deleted.

As the coronavirus gradually became a bigger news report, the censors also hired the cyber navy to issue “distracting comments” to help influence public opinion. The report also said that the Chinese government also ordered the webmaster to delete comments that were inconsistent with the government’s views.

The report said that the leaked documents show that the CCP spent a lot of manpower and money on speech control.

ProPublica and The New York Times quoted Xiao Qiang, a researcher at the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley, as saying that China’s publicity and censorship work is unmatched by any other country in the world. He told the media: “This is a big deal.” “No other country can do this.”

It should be noted that these published documents are only the tip of the iceberg. Everyone who has lived in China knows that the CCP’s monitoring of speech is ubiquitous. Any negative comments about the CCP may be persecuted. But the CCP has played more than just a role in concealing the epidemic in this pandemic that has swept the world. This is part of their 13579 plan, that is, “1 virus, released within 3 years, to ensure that this weapon will be effective within 5 years, completely paralyze 7 countries, and vaccines will be released within 9 months.” This is not a conspiracy theory, but intelligence from the core of the CCP.

Many people from within the CCP who have a sense of justice and conscience have bravely stepped forward to expose the truth. We hope that Westerners will understand that the CCP has never stopped trying to promote its communist dictatorship to the world. Sadly, it has been a year since the CCP started the virus over-restriction war, and today there are countless people who know nothing about the cause of the disaster that has occurred.

The world will undergo tremendous changes due to this virus. Please try to spread the truth and awaken more people to fight against the greatest evil in human history.

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3 months ago

COVID 19 has a 99% recovery rate. It is nothing more than the yearly flu. the real pandemic is the hysteria and lockdowns mandated by the tyrannical co-conspirators of the SCAM HOAX PANDEMIC

3 months ago

Dr. Li Wenliang on February 7 ” was faked. The doctor had no co-morbidities, and he was in his early thirties. His family received a big payout of $100,000? and, i believe, he is alive and living under a different identity.



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