Monthly Income Barely Affords 60 lbs Pork – Living in China

Author: Summer – from San Francisco Himalaya

Pork, being the main meat source of Chinese people, is approaching the highest price point of the year at the end of December 2020 on China raw meat market.

Data from the pig price data website (1) shows that the average price of pork on the raw meat market went up sharply from 29 Yuan to over 36 Yuan per kilogram (about $5.40 US dollars) from Nov 2020 to end of 2020. Considering 600 million people or 40% of all population in China earn about 1000 Yuan monthly. If they spent all of their income to buy pork, they can barely afford 28 kg (60 lbs) pork, they have nothing left that month for any other expense like rent or other food. If they want to celebrate Chinese New Year with some pork for the whole family, that probably consumes half of the salary for that month. China Institution of Income also reported (2) China has near 1 billion people with a monthly income of under 2,000 Yuan ($300 US dollars) that is equal value to about 56 kg or 120 lbs of pork.

Many netizens lament, eating the most expensive pork in the world, living in the most expensive house in the world, and receiving the most expensive education in the world, “(The CCP) is not serving the people, they have only one goal: money!”(3)

Many Chinese people are deeply puzzled by the crooked situation. A twitter posted following questions (4):

  • “Who can answer this problem for me?
  • Why is the income of Chinese farmers so low, but the price of agricultural products is so expensive? Some pork prices are twice as much (as other countries)
  • Why do foreign farmers use BMW X5 to work in the fields, but the prices of agricultural products are so low? Are Chinese farmers not hardworking enough? Or do foreign farmers grow gold in their fields? The same farming, why the income is so different?

Some answers are quite to the point. “The reason is the system. More than 90% of China’s problems are rooted in the system. It is to deliberately lower the price of food, control the food market and to seize the products from Chinese farmers. The CCP threatens them with Hukou (a certificate for any residence benefits), low food prices and poor education, providing no guidance but disorderly farming, and leaving farmers with no freedom or money or knowledge. The CCP cuts off all their channels for possible life improvement. With low yield in farming, they are forced to go for cheap labor in the factories, with no medical insurance or pension, or a stable family.” “Such cheap labors are just what the Party need for their so-called strategic roadmap as a world factory. In the plainest language, CCP deliberately kept the farmers the poorest lives, so as to plunder them as much as they could, because they have no right to speak. Chinese farmers are the most pitiful!”

According to a report by the Overseas Rights Defense Network on January 2, 76-year-old Chinese veteran Gao Hongyi, raised a serious question in anger: I was 17 years old and joined Lin Biao’s three The Eighteenth Army, now 76 years old, should I retire? Shouldn’t it be old age? Who has intercepted Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan’s promise of my well-off? In 2020, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized the need to achieve a well-off society in all respects, and Vice President Wang Qishan has made it clear that achieving a well-off society in 2020 is not a problem and will only exceed this goal. However, even the veterans living in the wealthy Qingdao, Shandong Province cannot solve the problem of food and clothing. In 2017, Gao Hongyi was sentenced to two years in prison for “disturbing social order” for participating in the “5.11” gathering of national veterans and accepting international media interviews. (5)


Living in China, especially living as the bottom half of the population, Chinese people especially the deplorables deeply understand the pain and struggles under the CCP’s system. CCP not only has zero intention to solve people’s problem but victimizing Chinese people’s benefits for their own interests.


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