Who? Why Were Armed Police Allowed to Shoot Unarmed People in the U.S. Capitol Building?

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January 6th is the day the House and Senate hold Congressional arguments and votes on the 2020 U.S. Elections.

Ashley Barbi, a former Air Force senior security adviser who was peacefully demonstrating, wearing casual clothes, not prone to violence, was shot and killed by armed police inside the U.S. Capitol.

Almost everyone would believe that the two safest places in the United States are the White House and the Capitol Buildings.

Why would a shooting like this take place at the U.S. Capitol, the most secure building in the world?

Who allowed this shooting to happen?

The police do not shoot without a warrant without a violent assault.

Because Ashley Barby didn’t physically attack anyone including the police. Ashley Babe was following the crowd and not rushing to the front.

Some may ask, who is in the interest of the events of January 6 that turned out so big and people lost their lives?

Where will things go from here after the shooting?

What are the motives behind the manipulation?

After the shooting, the U.S. House and Senate passed a media victory for President-Elect Joe Biden to win the 2020 Presidential Election.

Vice President Pence also waived his only potential veto power.

The Trump supporters outside the building were not aggressive in a video released by someone at the scene, but police used to spray and force to clear the area.

This is different from the police response to the violent attacks in ANTIFA and BLM.

Why shoot without peacefully persuading the demonstrators to leave before using force? Who wants things to get bigger? Who is better off when things get bigger?

Sources say four people have been killed.

Video footage has emerged of people being paid to lead the charge into the Capitol building on Saturday.

Funnily enough, it was not paid marchers who were shot, but unarmed peaceful demonstrators.

The armed police owe a proper explanation to Ashley Barr, the four dead men, and the American people, to President Donald Trump and the world.

What does the death of Ashley Barr — and three other innocent deaths — tell us about the 2020 election?

Will the American people allow Joe Biden to win the White House? What happens to the unconstitutional elections and the corrupt congress?

How will Trump supporters fight back?

What is the path to a free and democratic America?

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2 months ago

For a long time, Trump kept looking at others for leaks,
Apparently he did not realize that the mole was none other than his own Vice President!

Things are going to get pretty scary and bad too yet.

Just hoping this country will survive the onslaught by the democrats…

2 months ago

the USAF involvement in the False Flag is evident, John Sullivan, the leader of the protest is the adopted son of Major General Kevin Sullivan The General’s other adopted son James, turned his brother into the FBI.
Meanwhile, John Sullivan was standing next to Ashli Babbit (USAF Veteran) who was supposedly shot and killed. A slow down analysis of the video of her “shooting” shows it was staged. Ashli Babbit ALIVE and WELL The FALSE FLAG Shooting https://www.brighteon.com/22375a2f-1f93-44fe-8fb5-4a2d0b27298c
In fact her twitter account was active the next day.

3 months ago

Really? Capitol Hill Police advised to leave by their superior for the 6 jan 2021! Why?


3 months ago

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3 months ago

the Capital Police were completely involved in the 2020 Reichstag operation meant to dishearten the Patriots and label them as terrorists, according to Jeffrey Prather who said the Capital Police not only escorted busloads of ANTIFA int DC, but also met with ANTIFA the night before to set up communications. . however, https://parler.com/linwood “Ashli Babbit is alive”

3 months ago

I suspect this will get tossed once Biden and his Gestapo get control. Those 3 other people (and one more later actually) all dies from health issues. Had nothing to do with the protest. What Trump supporters will do is anyone’s guess right now. That is UNTIL Biden gets his gun control agenda passed. Then it will be an all out war the likes history as never seen. Will make Afghanistan look like a school yard brawl. Best to buy body armor if you can. Ammo is very difficult to get. Some guns are available but at very very high… Read more »

3 months ago
Reply to  crazysquirrel

insurrection Act is being activated now. Arrests will be made according to EO 13848 President Trump has not conceded and will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021

3 months ago

Whether this shooting was a tragic accident, an error, or something more nefarious, it must be investigated. Watch carefully to see whether it is investigated and by who, and whether the conclusions seem logical or political.