What Is the Purpose of Deploying the National Guard in Washington, D.C.?

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Jan 9th(Saturday) according to recent video evidence, a large number of National Guard have arrived in Washington, D.C. A total of 6200 National Guard are scheduled to arrive this weekend. Security fences have been set up around the Congress. This information matches the previous news that New York State and Virginia State will send the National Guard to Washington, D.C. Biden won both states in this presidential election; Virginia’s results, in particular, have been full of controversy.

Information source:https://twitter.com/shomaristone/status/1347930645918601217


Attorney Giuliani said in his YouTube programme today:“ on Jan 6, many of the people who broke into the Congress were Antifa, they had planned, because they had brought ropes, hammers, sticks, special tools for breaking glasses and chemicals, as well as milk bottles (can be used to wash off tear gas), there were some who were good at climbing walls; they had walkie-talkies and advanced filming equipment. And also, many of them were let in by the police.”

Why did Capitol Hill put on this show with Antifa to sully the reputation of Trump supporters and rally attendees? Because totalitarianism always achieves its ends under the cover of cracking down on extremism. The National Guard deployed in Washington, D.C is aimed to counter the Trump supporters.

In recent remarks, Biden has made it clear that they believe the events of January 6 constitute domestic terrorism. This accusation is a weapon aimed directly at the 80 million Trump supporters within the United States. Upon seizing the government, Biden will undoubtedly introduce bills to reinforce his power, all in the name of countering domestic terrorism. Trump supporters face a dark future under this regime, in which they will face the harsh punishments governments mete out to those they define as terrorists.

30 years ago, President Reagan predicted: “ If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” What’s happening today in America is a realization of the future President Reagan warned against.

The occupation of Capitol Hill on January 6 is the Reichstag fire of America in the new century.

(Congressional Arson)

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