The CCP and American Traitors’ Evil Plan on Destroying President Trump, the MAGA Movement, and America

In his Getter on January 13, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo said he told people close to President Trump that if he leaves the White House, they will make sure that he’ll never have a chance in 2024. And they will also define MAGA as a terrorist group. Miles said they will use all the tricks that have been used on Miles on President Trump and these are common tricks employed by all evil forces in the world. He also reiterated the CCP’s 3F plan for destroying the US.

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Besides, brothers and sisters, everyone is anxiously watching the US House of Representatives and Senate impeaching President Trump right now. I told the people near President Trump a week ago. I said, “Remember, in the following week…” That was a week ago. I said, “In 2024, President Trump…” I said, “Let me tell you, they will definitely make you… if you leave the White House, they will make sure that you’ll never have a chance in 2024. And they will define your MAGA as a terrorist group.” It was more than a week now … It was before January 6, actually on January 2 when I said this. This is the first point.  

Now, the second point. I said, “President Trump, they will impeach you or investigate your tax or suspect you of some economic crime.” “In China, these sort of things”, I said, “it’s not because I, Miles Guo, know better, anyone in China including those who sell candied haws, our cleaners and dishwashing staff at Pangu all know this trick, know how they will frame you, right? They will investigate your tax, and your relationships, right? And then you will be found to have committed economic crimes, involved with ganglands and told lies. Then you will be suspected of rape, attempted rape which only lasted for three seconds, right?” All of these tricks used on me, Miles, can be used as a textbook. I, Miles Guo, has personally proved to the world that this is not only the CCP’s usual trick. 

This is the common trick of all the evil groups and evil politics in the world. This is the common trick of all evil people in the world. It’s not only happening this year, or in the last 70 years in China. It has existed on Earth right since the beginning where human beings have been living for 10,000 years. This is the concrete symbol of justice and evil. It is a basic means, isn’t it? All bad people know how to use these approaches. I said, not only this, they will induce you to commit crimes via your MAGA, or plant agents to get you to commit crimes, like in Hong Kong, like in the Tiananmen Square protests, like during the Cultural Revolution, like how they treated Peng Dehuai, Liu Shaoqi and the Kuomintang. 

In my earliest broadcasts, I mentioned the CCP’s 3F plan more than once, including their specific approaches, which are controlling the US with the US, messing up the US economy with the US currency, messing up the US with the US technology. Now you see it’s Americans screwing Americans, right? American technology screwing Americans, right? Use the American dollars to mess up the American economy, right? And what the CCP believes to be the strongest (weapon) against the US is not nuclear weapon. What is the core then? It is social media, followed by the US dollar economy, and then the virus, and the unrestricted warfare. They all have happened. In the last few days, many … Yesterday, several of my American friends said, “Miles, you’re all correct. You’re like god! It’s so incredible!” I was not interested in listening at all. I did not want anyone to use these to prove how great I am because human beings have paid a price too high. 

The greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance and doubt of human beings, when they reach their extreme and turn to evil in the end, you will see what you see today. The CCP attacks Miles. The CCP and the traitors of America attack President Trump and the American people, ruling the country with falsehood. America is ruled with falsehood at the moment. The country is ruled by gangland. Can everyone see that clearly? What is in the core of all these? Fighting against corruption with corruption. All of these are under the signboard of three words: it’s good for you … democracy, rule of law. It’s always this, rule of law… rule of law… It’s good for you, justice, upholding the rule of law, maintaining the safety of the people and human beings. It’s always that this is good for you, democracy and rule of law. How many years have we been treated like this? For 70 years already, 100 years strictly speaking! It started since 1317. It was already budding in 1313. We’ve been cheated till today, so pathetic, detestable and regretful, but not funny at all. 

This is why we say we want ‘the rule of righteousness in the land’. When you say “I want democracy! I want rule of law!”, and when you fight for justice, do you have the capability to enjoy democracy, rule of law and justice? Do you possess the quality to comprehend what democracy, rule of law and justice mean? Do not think that democracy means ‘yours is mine and mine is also mine’? ‘Yours is mine and mine is mine’, this is called selfishness. What do you think justice means? Does it mean that you should have everything that other people possess? You cannot have bad things that other people have? I cannot lose a leg or be disabled like other people do? But I can make you … That person’s nose is pretty. I want it too. That is not called justice. And that is not what you truly own. That will be a disaster, that is called greediness. Everyone wants to be the emperor. Everyone wants to be the pope. Everyone wants to assault women without going to jail. That is not called the rule of law. What direction human beings should pursue really?  Our ‘rule of righteousness in the land’ has a very simple interpretation. Telling truth from falsehood, telling the good from the evil. The difference between good and evil is a standard that the majority agree upon. The difference between truth and falsehood should based on scientific and physical evidence. A stone is a stone. A stone is not an egg. 

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