Highlights of Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on January 23, 2021

Translators: MOS Himalaya

1.Thousands of people across China honked in solidarity, showing the power of the Whistleblower Movement (WM). The 1.4 million brothers-in-arms (BIAs) of the WM, will take down the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Our next important task is to allow the power of all the BIAs to burst forth safely and legally, at the same time, at the same place, and in the same fashion. Since yesterday, the WM is no more in its nascent phase. It already formed a giant network that could build numerous alliances to fight together. The WM has grown deep roots in all life areas of the 1.4 billion compatriots.

2.The animal world, the human world, and the world beyond the earth all have rules. Once you understand the rules, you will access the unimaginable power. The willpower of human beings could change anything. When a lion gets old and sick, its family will abandon it.

3.Larry King, the godfather of broadcasting, was bought off by the CCP for thousands of dollars. After the start of the WM, Miles Guo (Guo Wengui) was framed by a Russian female host who made a fake video. Larry King was a person who usually paved the way for official opinions of the government. He had great influence in the Western world. Larry King framed Mr. Guo. Later, two of his children died of inexplicable illness, and this old man himself also died…. He fell prey in his own kingdom of lions.

4.I admire the mechanism of the survival of the fittest in the animal world. All living things are well-behaved, and the biological chain is set by God. Life comes and goes but the soul is immortal. The soul will continue to exist in different forms. The biggest problem of humans is greed, irritability, failure to distinguish right from wrong, arrogance, and doubt. Humans must have faith. It is only through faith that man can achieve never-ending life.

5.Lude Media stated that we embarked upon a new era in which the CCP will be destroyed by itself from within. This is a very good conclusion. Backed by the WM, Lude has been consistently influencing China’s politics and political situations. In the past, domestic political forces used to fight against their political opponents within the CCP by using the false evidence fabricated by overseas bullies and traitors. Now the situation has changed, all because our whistleblowers exposed the truth on platforms such as GTV, G-News and Lude Media.

6.The four factions of CCP are fighting, and the Jiang faction cannot be eliminated in a short period of time. It is said that, yesterday, various factions and other countries came to observe the weak, sick and old lion. Xi said that although the current situation is dangerous, it is controllable. Xi claimed that the 2025, 2035, and 2049 plans can be achieved ahead of schedule, but the number one priority is to conquer Taiwan. In the past, Wang Qishan was supposed to not get involved with the military, but it turned out that he has cronies in the army. The Hu faction also has trusted cronies in the military. The Jiang faction is the ultimate boss of the military, not Xi. The so-called “adjustment plan” is to send all the people in the military, who are closely associated with Wang, Hu and Jiang, to the war front, following the example of the Korean War.

7.I heard that in Suzhou, Xi knew about Jiang and Wang’s conspiracy. Now the members of Xi’s faction are Li Zhanshu(栗战书), Xu Qiliang(许其亮), Ding Xuexiang(丁薛祥), Xi Yuanping(习远平) and a few young deputy chiefs of general staff. If Xi is in trouble, Wang Yang(汪洋), Hu Chunhua(胡春华), Han Zheng(韩正)and Ding Xuexiang(丁薛祥)will be the most powerful. It is a smart move for Xi to send these people to fight against Taiwan.

8.The WM sticks to the motto that the truth is unbreakable. Every word we said is paid by the price of the lives and blood of our BIAs. In the past day, you can hardly imagine what has happened every minute and every second and how many sad stories like that of Tong Baoguo took place. Since yesterday, the split of these four factions has become a foregone conclusion. Two of them will definitely be eliminated, or the infighting among the four will intensify. The breakup and brutal killings are inevitable. The cremators of Babaoshan will definitely be used. We are working on things that all mankind is afraid to do. Please continue to pay attention to Suzhou. Since the day that Lude Media exposed Xi’s brain surgery, the lions’ infighting has fully started. No one can stop this internal carnage. What happens to Taiwan will determine the winner.

9.While paying attention to the international situation, we are also keeping a close eye on Taiwan, Babaoshan Crematory, Suzhou and Shanghai. Some of our BIAs paid the price in this recent action. Some BIAs proposed to transfer their GTV equity now. We have submitted the applications with the government agencies; so far, no reply yet. Once there is a reply, Himalayan Alliance Committee shall make the announcement accordingly. As long as it is deemed a voluntary and safe situation, the money invested in GTV can be refunded back to the BIAs upon request. Also, we have been in communication with the government seeking legitimate means to be able to provide an appropriate amount of rewards or compensation, for such “backed-out” investments due to BIAs’ claims of “being defrauded or threatened” coerced by the CCP. We are actively exploring our options.

10.What the CCP fears the most is the power of the G-Series. The CCP’s WM-Extermination task force has had a few rounds of change of staff. Somehow, exterminating the WM morphed into “cherishing” the WM, even “safeguarding” the WM! All because they are humans. If the CCP already freaked out about the mere presence of GTV, G-News, Miles Guo, and Lude Media, how could they still have the ability to govern the country?! It is our cowardice, ignorance and greed that has made it possible for the CCP to manipulate the 1.4 billion people for 70 years. In our WM dictionary, no such thing is called “to accept amnesty and to be enlisted by the opponent.” The Zhongnan “Pit” is practically a luxurious prison using its management system to slurp human blood. Everyone inside is both mentally and physically sick.

11.It is now the perfect time for the CCP to destroy itself from within. It’s time to take a two-pronged approach: the self-destruction of the CCP and leveraging the power of the United States to take down the CCP. Again, the WM did not promise when the CCP will be wiped out. And those who feel unsafe after investing in the G-Series, please hurry up and apply for a refund. In addition, our short-term goal is to expand the G-series, which is the top priority of the New Federal state of China (NFSC). It is the most important thing right now to make the NFSC stronger and unite with the anti-CCP forces of the world to eliminate the CCP, to give our BIAs real strength, greater say, and more resources in our negotiation with the people in power.

12.Let us continue to wait for the good news from Babaoshan Crematory, Suzhou and Shanghai. Once again, Wengui wants to say to his BIAs: What you are doing now is the greatest thing in the world. The citizens of the NFSC will never forget!

Key words: Honking, Larry King, Jiang, Xi, Wang Hu, Hu Chunhua, Han Zheng, Ding Xuexiang, Taiwan, G-Series, WM-Extermination Task Force (WME)

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