Highlights on Miles Guo’s Evening Live Broadcast on Jan 25, 2021(2)

Translators: MOS Himalaya; GodCountryFamily, James Zobel, GBWater, RD16
Proofreaders: GBWater, Rica

1.We will try our best to make good arrangements for our brothers-in-arm (BIAs) of Taiwan who will arrive at our Himalaya Farms all over the world. Please contact the farm representatives and the alliances committee. This is my understanding of Xi: He is obsessed with conquering Taiwan. His dream is to own the greater bay area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. It was the Whistleblower’s Movement (WM) that first exposed CCP’s “Double-Dragon” Plan to attack Hong Kong and Taiwan simultaneously.

2.To be honest, out of 1.4 billion Chinese people, not even one person has a clear understanding of geopolitics, modern warfare, maritime military affairs, and regional politics.

3.The situation in the city of Tonghua is worse than what we have known. The treatment of the residents is inhumane. The real virus of the CCP is its worship of power: Power is truth; power is the law; power is justice. Possession of Power is essential for the existence of socialism. Without its power, socialism will cease to exist. Capitalism worships money: Money is the law; money is justice; money is power; money sometimes replaces God.

4.After a while, the apartment buildings will have no electricity, no water, and no heating. All hell will break loose. At this moment it is better for you to go back to your hometown than staying in the city.

5.The U.S. will bomb Chinese cities that have military bases, such as Dalian, Qingdao, Hainan, and Fujian. Brothers-in-arms, please take care of yourself if you live in these cities. Taiwan’s missiles are very advanced because of the support of the United States and Japan. When it really comes to war, Taiwan’s missiles will definitely be able to hit Beijing and Shanghai, not to mention Qingdao and Dalian. Once the war breaks out, compatriots in Taiwan will suffer, while the Whistleblower’s Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will benefit from it.

6.I have been meeting with attorneys all day today and heard a lot of good news. The Biden administration’s new policies will make the lives of Chinese international students in the US much easier: it is possible to obtain a green card if they live in the United States for eight years; there is also a possibility of amnesty, meaning millions of undocumented immigrants are likely not to be deported.

7.This administration states that only G-News and G-TV present the most accurate and objective information about the CCP virus. Their reviews of Lude Media’s show on Jan 19, 2020 [He talked about the origin of the coronavirus], were very complimentary.

8.If I am threatened, all G-Series can be moved to any country within one hour. The G-Series has thought of every possibility and risk from the beginning and can even be shut down and rebuilt. The Communist Party wants to mess with me, but you won’t rival me even if you can reincarnate 100 times. The result is that we now have the highest credibility. Not a single person of the 1300 GTV shareholders has any problems. G-Series has invested tens of millions of dollars, but it hasn’t used a penny from the shareholders’ funds.

9.In the past day, the data centers of G-Coin and G-Dollar were hacked by a country’s cyber army for the first time. It showed addresses ranging from the USA, China, to Russia, but the real manipulator was the CCP. The attack will have four steps, and this is just the first. The US wants to legalize virtual currencies and even lead the world in virtual currencies, which is good for us, but this is what the CCP fears the most.

10.As long as the Biden administration intends to take down the CCP, we are resolute in cooperating and providing all intelligence. Our premise is to stay out of American politics. We are always grateful for all the efforts that President Trump made towards our goal to terminate the CCP. We will not forget any person who helped us take down the Communist Party, nor will we spare any person who deceived and insulted us.

11.For the brothers-in-arms (BIAs) who are in Taiwan and the mainland war zone area, get out of there as soon as possible. There are only two outcomes for Taiwan, either a referendum or a war. When it gets super quiet, you’d know the most dangerous time is near.

12.Sun Lijun [head of National Security] is not dead. He was thrown into Qincheng prison recently. Brothers-in-arms, take note, as the CCP’s political crisis is unfolding, the arrests in the millions, the infighting among the four factions plus the super-powerful Zeng Qinghong – all this spells the end of the Communist Party, and its end will be just as ridiculous as this past U.S. election.

13.It’s very likely that a war will break out in the Taiwan Strait. Hong Kong is still struggling between life and death. The pandemic in the mainland and concerns over the mutated virus around the world are intensifying. Could the CCP get off easy? The NFSC has made a magnificent turnaround and has formed a new strategic alliance with different forces. All over the world, only our GTV’s products are [immune from suppression and] not being taken down. You will see how powerful our G-Series will become.

14.G-Fashion is about to launch many more new products. High-volume-sales is definitely not our style. We encourage BIAs from all over the world to sign up as the agents of G-Clubs. We aim to make world fashion of superior quality with a sense of Chinese culture. This shall represent the image of the new Chinese people.

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