LIVE:Biden on COVID-19 Pandemic 1/26

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the fight to contain the COVID-19 pandemic at 4:50pm ET on Jan 26, 2021.

President Biden:
This is wartime effort.
Hope for additional Moderna and Pfizer doses by mid-summer.
Announces plan to boost vaccine distribution.

The Biden administration announced Tuesday that it is increasing the weekly supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses sent to states by about 16%, part of a range of new steps aimed at improving the distribution of vaccines across the country.

The supply of vaccines going to states will increase from 8.6 million to 10 million doses per week for at least the next three weeks, officials said, due to releasing more doses of the Moderna vaccine.

States, which have been left to carry out the challenging task of actually getting vaccine doses into people’s arms, have complained that communication with the federal government has been insufficient to be able to properly plan. To help remedy that, the Biden administration said it will inform states of their coming vaccine allocation three weeks instead of one week ahead of time to allow more time to plan.


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