【Focus】The Chinese Communist Air Force invaded the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone on a large scale.

Author: Yizu/Lish

Translator: Steven Hu

Image source:Voice of America

According to a report from Taipei (Reuters 2021-1-23): eight Chinese bombers and four fighter jets entered the southwest corner of Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone. The Taiwan Air Force has deployed missiles to “surveil” the invasion.  

Comment: Due to the tremendous pressure brought by the whistleblowers’ movement, the tension inside the CCP regime is like a pressure cooker, and the conflict between different factions is intensifying. In order to divert the tension from domestic and foreign conflicts and send political opponents to the guillotine, the CCP desperately needs a blast hole to relieve pressure. Therefore, military action against Taiwan has become a possible option. The Chinese Communist Air Force’s large-scale invasion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone on the 23rd is a test. It is testing the new U.S. government’s attitude toward Taiwan and the reaction of all parties within the CCP’s military action against Taiwan. In any case, once the CCP attacks Taiwan, this final madness will only accelerate their demise.

The CCP is slow-rolling the invasion inside China. I just heard some news from my relatives recently. The CCP is asking 18 years old school students to register in their national recruitment website. Every school student who reached 18 years old must be registered; otherwise, it will affect the child’s further education and personal integrity. It is no surprise to see why so many Chinese fighters to appear in Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone. The 1.4 billion decent and hard-working Chinese people have no choice but to obey any policies made by such a thuggish regime. While some people who have been brainwashed by the CCP simply think the purpose of the military recruitment is to know how many school students reached 18.

The CCP has always claimed Taiwan as its own territory for decades, and they are conducting exercises to defend so-called national sovereignty and security. They had suppressed Hong Kong and Xinjiang with the same platitude. It is crystal clear that Beijing’s talk of a ‘peaceful rise’ is a lie

However, they also have a decades-long desire for global domination. They are pushing and probing around its neighbours. For example, building artificial islands in the South China sea, China-India clash, arbitrarily arresting random Canadians, and conducting unrestricted warfare against the U.S. with the CCP virus etc. Whether they are deliberately staged to manipulate domestic politics or distract from their internal crisis, the CCP is on the fast-track suicide program.

The freedom-loving countries should stand in lock arms against the CCP regime; otherwise, not only Chinese, Hongkongers, Taiwanese and minorities in China but everyone in the world have no rights but to act like a clown in the near future.

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