Highlights of Lude Media (Night)-Jan 31, 2021

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• The South China Morning Post(SCMP) reprinted a Reuters article mentioning that three HNA units disclosed that nearly US$10 billion had been misappropriated by shareholders.

o Misappropriation of large funds is a serious crime in China and usually involves officials above the Politburo level. And SCMP is owned by the white glove of Jiang Zemin’s Clique, Jack Ma. This indicates that the internal struggle within the CCP has become very intense.

o Mr. Lu De notes that Xi Jinping will use the case to remove his opponents. Soon there will be a bloody bloodbath within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

• CCP’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, changed his claim and stressed that “the exchanges and cooperation on origin-tracing between WHO experts and Chinese professionals are part of a global study, not an investigation.”

o Mr. Lu De and guests discuss several possibilities for him to do so.

a. Dr. Steven Quay recently published a paper concluding that the CCP virus is laboratory derived. And he said on Bannon’s War Room that he found adenovirus vaccine genetic sequence in specimens from five Wuhan patients from December 2019. it is now more difficult for the CCP to insist the virus has a natural origin.

b. The Lu De media has recently been using Peter Daszak as an example to expose how the CCP entertains UN teams when they visit China.

• On January 28, CCP media reported that the Pasteur Institute in Cambodia had discovered close relatives of the pathogen in samples that have been stored in a freezer for more than a decade.

o What a coincidence that Shi Zhengli’s RaTG13 was also from a frozen bat virus sample from years ago.

o Cambodia is 100% CCP controlled, so it’s not surprising that they do things like this to cover up for the CCP.

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