WHO Traceability Experts Examines the Remains of the WuHan Huanan Seafood Wet Market

Dictation: yyshere | PR: CharlesS | Subtitle: Walking in the rain

Following 14 days of quarantine, on January 31, the experts visited the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, Communist China. Many netizens laughed at and criticized that it was an archeological trip for the WHO returning to the place where the crime was unrecognizable after a year. Obviously, after the outbreak of the CCP virus, the WHO’s various comments and actions to whitewash for the CCP have been disheartened. Moreover, the composition and source of the international experts for this archaeological trip are unclear, and there is no independent third-party organization involved, as well as even some WHO members had gotten infected, those issues have focused and questioned by the public. With the BGY wheels and deals in the past, the 14-days quarantine period was long enough for the CCP to play with. Everyone is waiting to see whether the WHO would still use their little left credibility to protect the CCP’s so-called innocent.

世卫组织专家组抵达武汉,开始调查新冠疫情源头- BBC News 中文
武汉世卫调查组面临什么障碍何时会有结果- ABC中文
武汉世卫调查组面临什么障碍何时会有结果- ABC中文
世卫调查受瞩目专家: 实地考察比时间长短重要| 科技环境| DW | 02.02.2021

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