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1. First time in Shenzhou! A person was fined 30 thousand RMB for using charcoals (briquettes).

Comment: Thirty thousand is probably the yearly spending of an average family of three. And there goes the fine. Even gangsters are not that coldhearted. It seems that the CCP is running out of money and coming to its demise.

2. People’s Daily Bells: Global cooperation against the pandemic requires big countries to unite together.

Comment: The CCP firstly released virus to the U.S., and now it came over and say that “let’s solve this problem together. We are all good.” It will strike again when opportunity arises in the future. Will the U.S. and the rest of the world give such opportunity to the CCP again?

3. The Paper: Experts discuss about electronic component industry: It has a fundamental role, but the industry is not strong enough and lacks leading companies.

Comment: The cold reality about high-tech industries in China might be able to wake up, like the “modern Boxer Rebellion”.

4. Sina Finance: the Ant Group is allegedly restructuring to become a financial holding company supervised by the Central Bank. The government has refused to comment on this matter.

Comment: Private enterprises in China are being “murdered” by the CCP and walking into their own grave yards.

5. Tencent: Bond default revelation in 2020: When will the mess of business in credit rating end?

Comment: Under the control of the CCP, faulty credit rating is rampant and the safety of societal economy has long been ignored.

6. Business Network: Mutated virus strain discovered in swine flu in Africa. It is suspected to be a result of illegal usage of African swine flu vaccines

Comment: According to the report, Yan Zhichun, chief scientist of New Hope Liuhe Group stated that in the pig farms of New Hope Liuhe Group, there are over a thousand pigs infected with two new viral strains of African Swine flu. This particular virus is missing two genetic sequences: MGF360 and CD2v. The article claimed that the emergence of this new virus strain might be due to illegal usage of African Swine Flu vaccines which are not yet fully developed. We are not sure if such information is suggestive, but it worth noting.

7. Tencent: After TikTok was banned permanently, ByteDance laid off 90% of its employees in India.

Comment: We refuse to let CCP companies do dirty business under a clean appearance. Its doing in foreign cuntries embarrasses us all Chinese people.

8. Hu Xijin’s blog caused backlash in the comment section

Comments: The Chinese people have suffered for too long! People’s will to oppose is unstoppable.

9. CCP’s Communist Youth League: Ministry of Foreign Affairs: From 31st January onwards, China will no longer acknowledge the validity of BNO passports.

Comment: The CCP drifts further away from the West as it does not honour an agreed contract, and also propels itself closer to its own death.

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