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1. GNews: Himalaya Farm in Barcelona, Spain: An American House Representative who has been vaccinated tested positive for COVID-19

Comment: Not only is the CCP’s vaccine useless, the ones manufactured by the U.S. are useless, too. Promoting vaccination is a part of the Great Reset Plan.

2. Video of Station B: Di Dongsheng: Can foreign exchange reserves protect the national economic security? Let’s look at the example of Brazil first.

Comment: “Nonsense” Di point was itself a misunderstanding of the experience and lessons learnt from the Asian financial crisis in the 1990s, and that the hidden costs of holding foreign exchange reserves for the potential welfare loss of reserve countries are actually very expensive. Someone commented: Only aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons can guarantee the security. “Nonsense” Di is preparing for decoupling.

3. Sohu: Is rising living costs actually good for the people? A rise in living costs means a rise in wages. This is the truth against finance.

Comment: The article claims that rising living costs is a good thing for the common people. It is a manifestation of the truth fighting back against finance and the deception to the public without scruples.

4. NetEase: Trump is despised by his neighbours

Comment: The CCP must continue to ruin Trump’s credibility and images no matter what, so they make up all sorts of stories. Why don’t we ask neighbours around the world, if they despise the CCP that has released the virus everywhere?

5. Tencent: Another real estate company which is worth hundreds of billions has crashed! Upcoming debts of 210 billion are due.

Comment: Fortune Land Development, a real estate company, faces massive debts of 210 billion. It intends to establish a debt committee for financial institutions to resolve the current debt crisis; in other words, repaying the debts with more debts.

6. Twitter: New Tang Dynasty TV: “Zhong Yuan: Xi Jinping is again worrying about “Black Swan” and “Gray Rhino”. The CCP’s Politburo gathered for a meeting on January 28th, mainly discussing political surveillance in the morning and political learning in the afternoon. This meeting did not invite external lecturers; instead it focused on self-learning and exchanging work experience within the Politburo.

Comment: The CCP is already in a dire situation.

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