[February 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter

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[February 1, 2021] Video translation

Ouch~ February 1, hello brothers and sisters

Look behind me, I will let everyone take a look at this. Since it started to snow last night until now, I especially enjoy this feeling, very romantic. Ah~ I was lying here watching the snow and recalling that I was in Northeast (of China) when I was a child. The environment I lived in was full of ice and snow every day. Life is so fast, life is so fast.

I may be the only one wearing a suit in Manhattan today. Due to the heavy snow, all offices in Manhattan must be closed. Ah~ but why should serventh brother wear a suit? Guess what I am going to do? I may be the only one wearing a suit. So my bodyguard said: “Sir, you are the only one wearing a suit.” There are no cars on the street, no people (in the street), and the offices are closed. Guess why I am wearing a suit? Ah~ I won’t say much gossip and nonsense. Now I’m going to tell you the main things

Dear brothers and sisters, now, whether it is in California or Europe, or whatever millet porridge or laba porridge, every zhou (homonym) has got the most accurate information.The CCP coronavirus virus is killing people with the greatest harm and incredible contagion rate, infection rate, and death rate. At the same time, the top scientists of all mankind, the most trusted scientists, now all stand up and tell (people): This virus does not come from nature. It is a CCP virus and a laboratory derived virus. Yesterday, when you watched Mr. Bannon interviewing Dr. Quay, did you understand the meanings?  In the interview, Dr. Quay’s rigor, control of emotion and language control have reached the world level. He is very careful for every word he said. And everyone should know that how powerful this person is? Many Chinese people simply regard him as a god (in the medical community). He is the bosses or founders of many pharmaceutical companies.He has saved countless people. His medicine involves many companies. Among the medicines from his companies sold in China, the highest price of these medicines reached to 100 times of their original price. This person is amazing and is absolutely one of our fellow fighters, definitely a fellow fighter. I won’t want to say more about that, you can wait and see.

Now next, in Europe, Japan, and Switzerland… everyone must remember that don’t spread false information. Also Please remember there are too many false information, such as the Japanese Doctor, the Nobel Prize winner, etc.. Those are all false information. Lots of true information can be discussed and disseminated. Why are you talking about false information? Anyone who publishes false or false information is our enemy. You are no longer our fellow fighters, because this will kill a lot of people. Never do this. There is no room for negotiation on this issue. As long as you release false news, you are our enemy, and we will immediately draw a line with you. There is no middle ground on this issue, and there is no question about whether it is good or bad. This is a question about if you are not our enemy then you are our friend, or if you are not our friend you will be regarded as our enemy.

So, the most scientists in the world have come forward to verify that our angel scientist Dr. Yan Limeng, our Dr. Yan, our Lude interview at 119 (live boardcast), and only our Whistleblower Movement keeps telling the real voice and the truth of the mankind. Then the Bannon war room is also shocking the world. Think about it at this moment, every minute and every second, everyone is posting photos of CCP digging people’s anus.

All CCP lie to the wold in the past: “bat, right? Pangolins, ”and one lie after another by the WHO. From yesterday to now, I clearly told everyone who contacted me: “I tell you that CCP created the CCP virus of this biological weapon, called Covid-19 Virus, and they have an antidote. Ah~ The vaccine may not be successful, but there is an antidote.” This is why I told all these government agencies a year ago “The only way you want to find the cure is to take down the CCP or ask CCP for the antidote. 

Now I can tell people all over the world: “if you want to live, you have to eliminate the CCP or you ask the CCP for the antidote. I can say it responsibly “CCP has an antidote!” Ah~ this is why CCP wants to promote the vaccine economy to the world and turn the vaccine economy into the CCP communist economy, the Chinese Communist Party economy, and the world Communist Party economy. Why can they control the infection rate and time of infection in all countries in different climatic regions and different dimensions? These realities are all deviated from historical and natural research, and are different from all of them. They violate (cognitive) laws because they are artificial. Since it is man-made, someone is now controlling it. Why are the old miscellaneous hairs in Zhongnanhai not infected but the Chinese people are infected? The vaccine promoted in China is a subsidiary of biological and chemical weapons to achieve genetic control. The mental and physical health of all mankind can be controlled by vaccines, including the control of human economy and even all human behaviors, which determines the life and death of all mankind.

This is the “CCP zombie poison pill” that Guo Wengui said four years ago before I started to expose the truth. As long as the Chinese people know this “zombie pill”, the poison pill described in the martial arts novels used to control people in the past. This is the modern version of “Zombie Pill”. Believe it or not? You don’t need to believe it, we don’t care if you believe it or not. The Whistleblower Movement does not care if anyone believes it or not. If you don’t want to believe, you don’t need to. If you’re willing to believe it, you can believe it. Whether you believe it or not? I do not care. Ah~ everyone can imagine: how many people are here, ah, coming to ask about one after another. While I told them: “Now you all think of us?”

Ah~ Guo Wengui is not talking nonsense here. So does our Whistleblower Movement.

Now, many pharmaceutical companies are also dumbfounded. Selling vaccines with CCP will lead to bankruptcy. No matter how much insurance is purchased. No insurance company can cover the large-scale human deaths and humanitarian disasters caused by vaccines. Insurance companies will go bankrupt. Large pharmaceutical companies will go bankrupt, and of course politicians will fail.

For Aung San Suu Kyi, do you remember what I said two years ago? I said she would be taken down by the military. She deviated and deceived all people in Myanmar who pursued democracy and the rule of law. Don’t think that she was arrested because of the so-called military coups, because she falsely elected and manipulated the election. I tell you, this is largely due to the control of CCP. Aung San Suu Kyi stepped on two boats. She wants to hook up with the United States, but also wants to rely on CCP. Finally, she was sold by CCP, and CCP sold her. Why? Regarding the Greater ASEAN Project in Southeast Asia, Aung San Suu Kyi wants to play with the plan on her own hand and play with her people. She has been seeking her own way. Ah, ~ she deserves it. When a person who has betrayed the faith of her life, her fate now is too good for her. Ah~ The Americans are still explaining for her, it’s useless! The more they tries to help her, the heavier the punishment she will suffer.

Anyone who tries to gain power in the name of democracy, the rule of law, or faith and forgets his original intentions will be judged. Our fellow fighters who participated in the Whistleblower Movement must keep this in our minds. When you are greedy, attaching power, chasing interests, and pursuing the so-called honor, including the Nobel Prize, power, and the supports of the people, all these are for you. is it possible?

This is why the people of the New Federal State of China will never be allowed to step into the core of power, but can only supervise. Anyone, you can participate it yourself, but the New Federal State of China as the initiator is not allowed to directly operate and participate in the state management. This is what we are going to do and are doing now. It’s great.

Next, everyone will see that the US government, haha, will play a more unimaginable role in these decisions. Ah~ The four political parties in the United States are brewing huge actions at all times. All mankind has only one goal: where does the virus come from? Everyone, look at this snow, it’s so beautiful… Where does the virus come from? Who made it? And who should be responsible for all this? This is what Wen Gui said that no one can stop all mankind, and the whole world unites and take down the CCP. Believe it or not, brothers and sisters?

The proverb:“Shen xian, Yanggu xian, Xian Da Xian”— Let’s just wander and watch, okay? Look at my new suit (I am wearing)today. How nice it looks! Just now because of the light problem, the color looks wrong, right? Look how beautiful this is. I stand in this position and it looks so great. Look at this tie, huh? (Made of)the same (fabric as the suit), but the details are not reflected.

I am in a very good mood today. Maybe I will live broadcast anytime. Haha, first,let me finish the meeting and meet some people, let’s check it out later. Brothers and sisters, miss you all. This weather is perfect for live broadcasting. Ah~very suitable!

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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