GTV UK Weekly Interview with Mr. Bannon (3rd Feb, 2021): American and Global Contextual Changes

Summary: Dr. Ming | Editor: Shibukedang

Two weeks after President Biden took office, there have been some policy changes towards Communist China. Meanwhile, relevant US and global contexts have also changed. In its weekly interview with Mr. Stephen K. Bannon, GTV UK News team ask for his comments on these latest changes.

1. Boris Johnson’s government has failed to get its post-Brexit Trade Bill passed in the House of Lords. Peers backed an amendment to stop the UK from doing deals with countries that abuse human rights, typically Communist China. What is your comment?

2. The CCP top diplomat Yang Jiechi warned the Biden administration not to touch the so-called “red lines”, typically Hong Kong and Xinjiang. Do you think Biden will or will not tramp on the CCP’s red line?

3. According to Miles Guo and Mike Pompeo, the CCP backed the Myanmar military coup in order to gain power over the country and the region. What action will the US take responsively?

4. According to their tweets, Dr. Peter Daszak and Dr. Angela Rasumssen, two WHO experts who are investigating the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan, are very familiar through wines and dines with the Batwoman Shi Zhengli and her long-term partner Wang Linfa, who have engineered various coronaviruses. Do you believe the WHO team will present a trustworthy report about the P4 lab in Wuhan?

5. From the 31st January, holders of British National (Overseas) status in Hong Kong are able to apply to live and work in the UK and eventually seek citizenship. Do you think that the CCP will allow them to leave Hong Kong safely?

6. Only a week after Biden took office, OFAC reversed Executive Order 13959 to authorise transactions and activities with Chinese companies with a military background. What is your comment on this?

7. HNA goes bankrupt. Are you surprised?

8. Some comment GameStop as a battle between elites and populists. Do you think the deplorable, the Old Hundred Surnames, are likely to win in similar battles?

9. As a former naval officer, can you please comment on Chinese warplanes’ intrusions into the Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) of Taiwan and simulation of an attack on the US aircraft carrier?

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