On January 30, Some Areas of Harbin Were Locked Down Again Due to the Pandemic, and People Were Forcibly Put Into Quarantine

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Winter in Harbin is extremely cold and long. By the time of speaking, we have already entered the twelfth Luna month, the Kitchen God’s Day (Preliminary Eve of Chinese Lunar Year) is but 3 days away. On that day, as a custom, every household will see off the Kitchen God to heaven, pray for blessings and welcome the new year.

Because of the epidemic, Harbin has started a new round of lockdown. Unit 8, Building 205 in Deli neighborhood, Daoli District has been put under lockdown. However, there have been no reports on the number of infections, nor have there been explicit measures of prevention and control. The building is simply locked down, with infected and suspected patients isolated there. Is this the right way to control the epidemic? Remember that it is now one week away from the Lunar New Year, how can ppl’s festivity supplies be guaranteed, is medical care for the elderly and children readily available? Are the essential medications available considering that winter is a period of high incidence of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, asthma, hypertension and etc.

The video quoted: Pray peace upon us! But who can provide for the peace? Who can guarantee safety? Under CCP’s rule, who can have peace? The pandemic will not end for as long as CCP lives, anywhere one goes is high-risk, and no one is safe!

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