The 92-Year-Old Woman Lives by Selling Green Onions on the Street, Sheds Tears When Good People Helps Her. Lives for the Lower Class in Communist China Are Helpless

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“The hundreds of billions of CCP, the elderly sell onions.”

Respecting the elders and loving the youth are traditional Chinese virtues. Li Mi’s “Chen Qing Biao”  was on the grounds of the Jin Dynasty’s “rule the country with filial piety” as he resigned because of his grandma’s age at that time. Sima Yan even gave two maids to serve and ordered the local government to provide for them. Compared with today’s 92-year-old widow Mrs. Chen, she has to drive a tricycle to sell “green onions” in order to feed herself. Coincidentally, although the 94-year-old man in Suzhou, Hubei province do have his social security, the regime is still unrested. So, the old man’s account has to be activated through holding his face to the facial recognition machine by his children. From 2019 to 2020, the CCP’s propaganda have repeatedly reported words and deeds about General Secretary Xi Jinping “respecting the elders and loving the youth”. The CCP is just a hooligan who has few promises and a split personality.

Mrs. Chen became a widow when she was 30 years old in 1959. During that time the Great Leap Forward when millions of people starved to death just ended, which ensured the Cultural Revolution, and the June 4th protests. People cannot help wondering how did she survive, and in  the current pandemic?

The pandemic in 2020 with provide the CCP carry on their dominance for 71 years. 1.4 billion people support 50 million civil servants and it’s 28:1. 50 million left-behind elderly in rural areas alone (2013), 4.43 million extremely poor elderly (2017). And Heilongjiang province’s pension funds will be in deficit 20 billion (2017) alone.  The pensions had the so called “South-to-North Transfer”.

The CCP claimed to have a 100 trillion in GDP. But why do our elderly people kneel in front of the government for retirement funds?

The CCP lavished about contrarian growth. But why does Mrs. Chen have to sell green onions to sustain for her daily life?

The CCP who has also claimed a GDP growth of 70 times, and the“five guarantee households” system which was established in 1951, why Mr. Chen still has no guarantee to survive the winter.

Li Mi’s grandmother was 90 years old, Xi Jinping’s mother is 94 years old, Mr. Chen who sell green onions is 92 years old, the one has trouble to activate social security card is 94 years old. They are all old people, all living in Communist China. Most these senior citizens have no support. Who will support and wait upon the old people in the so called “Chinese Dream”?

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