The Untenable Natural Origin Theory Exposing the Lies Dr. Yan’s Report

Video Editing: Little Warning English Dubbing: Monica Subtitle Correction: Lxueer

Poster production: penny upload: Wen Yue

Video introduction:

So far (November 29, 2020), the new crown has caused more than 61.03 million infections and 1.429 million deaths worldwide

How did this happen? How to stop

Dr. Limeng Yan worked as a researcher in the top P3 laboratory of the University of Hong Kong and as a liaison officer between China and WHO

As early as January 2020, she risked her life to try to spread the truth

She finally succeeded in exile in the United States in April 2020

So far, two professional papers have been published to inform the world about the truth about the virus

This film will show you the complex truths described in Dr. Yan’s thesis as simply as possible

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