[February 1, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (3rd)

Translator:Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) - (Mike Li)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) - (Liberte)

Getter Video link:https://gtv.org/getter/60187efe46c6c3519a3e11a8

[February 1, 2021] Video translation

I just came into the house from outside, so we are inside the house now. OMG, I have finished changing my clothes, but this cigar is still lit! 

I just recorded a video of the snowfall outside. Look at this set of G-Fashion clothes I am wearing, these pants, boots. The vest is not made (by G-Fashion).

So, brothers and sisters, have you watched the video I recorded for you just now? Currently, the CCP’s domestic propaganda propagates that the United States is already “falling apart” and “in dire straits”. We have lived for thirty, fifty, and seventy years, and we all have been told that “US imperialism” may “perish” every day, and that “US imperialism” is “their lives are filled with untold suffering” every day. However, the “(US) Empire” is a paradise recognized by all mankind. The United States has the most powerful financial system, the most powerful army, the most powerful supplies, the lowest prices, the highest wages, everyone has the opportunity to get rich, and also the most powerful legal system! The CCP lies through its teeth. You dare to lie like this?

You Bitches! You are assholes and don’t even care about the truth at all! Are you ashamed of this? The key question is do you feel ashamed? Do you feel embarrassed? Daring to lie like this? Blatantly lying, aren’t you?

Well, in Hong Kong, everyone can see how many Hong Kong people have left their homes, full of anger! Next, the idiot Hong Konger named Ye Liu Shu Yi, said that they all “evaded the crimes committed in Hong Kong”! You bastard, how dare you say that? Who committed the crime? You are the one who committed the crime! Hong Kong people have been used up by you, thinking they are worthless. And now you are killing, raping, gang-raping, arresting, and repatriating Hong Kong people. Turning Hong Kong into a stinking harbor. Everyone has no choice but to have their families broken apart and ruined!

It’s not enough to drive them to the UK, you want to cancel their travel documents! You signed a contract with the UK allowing this back then, and now you don’t care, saying that people in Hong Kong “don’t love their father if they don’t love their country!”. Then, you slander (Hong Kong people) who come to Britain to find their British “step-father”! If Britain is the “step-father”, then who is the “real father”?

Isn’t mainland China the “real father”? Aren’t you, the CCP, the “real father”? Why would a normal person not stay with the “real father” but follow the so-called “step-father”?

Why did the “step-father” issue them a BNO passport, why didn’t you give them the same (benefit)? You deprived them of the right to survive, you deprived them of the right to travel. You gave them nowhere to live. You broke their families up through death or separation. All of them were raped or gang-raped!

Hong Kong once was a legend in the world, and this was created by Hong Kong people, not your CCP!

Damn you, you’re the ones who ruined Hong Kong! That’s it. How dare you talk nonsense! You (want to) blame it on the British? The British, the so-called “step-father”, came to the rescue of your so-called “real father” – the mainland – for not living up to (your) promises. How many years have you exploited Hong Kong? Hong Kong is the “child” you want to kill. Back then the so-called “compatriots”, fled to Hong Kong, earning wealth via their own labor, life and blood. They raised the living standard of your so-called “real father” – the mainlanders. (They) saved you, made your economy strong, strove for dignity for you, and let all mankind see that the Chinese are not the “sick man of East Asia”. (They) showed that (the Chinese know how to) follow the law and be efficient.

This also confirms the lie that you bastards of the CCP (kidnapping 1.4 billion Chinese people), have been telling that the “Chinese people do not deserve democracy, the rule of law, and freedom”.

Hong Kong people made it clear to the world: Chinese people can manage rule of law and freedom, and Chinese people are not the “sick men of East Asia”!

Your so-called “real father” motherland (a Chinese nation of 1.4 billion people kidnapped by communists, by the foreign bastard – your real “Russian (Communist) father”) are bullying those millions of Hong Kong people! Where is the justice?  (You) eat their food (Hong Kongers), (you) drink their drinks, (you) rely on them, pretend to save them and then (you) turn around to kill them, and kill them again! You pretend to have been “strict” and having done a really good thing! What have you given to Hong Kong, you bastards? (You) call Hong Kong worthless and block Hong Kong people all over the world! Where is the justice of God?

I am checking on you bastards and listening to what your Ministry of Foreign Affairs have said. Not only will this (Chinese) nation punish you, nor is it God who will punish you, I am afraid you will punish yourself! When you talk nonsense, lying through your teeth, you know you are telling endless, outrageous lies. According to any religion, according to Buddhism, it is called “delusion” —You will be punished when you say something you know is a “delusion”

Last night, a few old Hong Kong friends who arrived in Europe. (Hong Kong people don’t easily cry emotionally, unlike mainlanders who have been spiritually turned into a mental handicapped nation by the CCP and who cry and betray easily), burst into a nervous fit of sobbing!

(One person) said: “Miles, all you told me about the CCP, I thought they were jokes, I didn’t think it would happen in my lifetime. Not only has it all happened now, it went even farther than what you said! It’s miserable!”

He said: “I really love this country! I love the Chinese! I love the mainland! I set up a factory in the mainland and invested all my grandfather’s and dad’s money in the mainland. Now I can’t get a cent back. The money in the Hong Kong bank can’t be withdrawn! Now not only the anus needs to be checked, not only the money, but also your assets, the generations of your ancestors – ‘how did they come to Hong Kong? “Where is the justice of God?” Their whole family was threatened.

Brothers and sisters, isn’t this reality obvious enough? Who made Hong Kong people like this? Did the mainlanders (create this)? No mainlander is like this, except for those who have been brainwashed! It’s communism, it’s CCP! CCP does not represent mainland Chinese; CCP cannot represent Chinese! 

I am outraged! I am furious! How did this country and nation become like this? Why? Completely reversed right and wrong. Ungrateful – not only ungrateful, but also repaying the kindness with hatred. Brothers and sisters, this is a living example – Hong Kong!

The genocide that occurred in Xinjiang, the massacre that occurred in Tibet. Wasn’t there a massacre of Han Chinese? Wasn’t there a massacre in Hong Kong? It (The CCP) is still preparing to go to Taiwan right now, and it’s going to Taiwan for a massacre! No one stopped it, did they? If someone had stopped it, the virus would not have happened. Because no one stopped it, it gave rise to the “Whistleblower Movement” and the birth of the New Federal state of China! It is often said: “If I was born decades earlier, I wouldn’t let you the CCP exist in the world!”

CCP, you should know the real situation of the world now! Scientists all over the world, people with conscience all over the world, are all standing up! Are 7.5 billion people in the world all conquered by your CCP? I definitely don’t believe it! Can your (CCP) economy continue? I definitely don’t believe it! You know yourself whether you have money or not, right?

Brothers and sisters, it is still true: “The CCP is definitely over! We hope that the CCP will take away fewer innocent Chinese compatriots and drink less blood of innocent people!”

CCP, you will be disintegrated without you even realizing! The Chinese will tear you up and eat you bastards up, and they will come after you! Your cruelty to Hong Kong people far exceeds the genocide!

This historical account will surely be settled for you, let’s wait and see! Do you think Hong Kong people are silent now? As long as Guo Wengui and the “Whistleblower Movement” is here, you won’t be allowed to continue!

Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes mad. You go wild first, we’ll see!

Mugaisai – Hong Kong dialect.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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