Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.02.05 – NewYork Time

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Chinese Communist Party Genocide Crimes Against Humanity in Full Swing

Canada’s National Post has published a detailed report on the Chinese Communist Party’s abhorrent practices in Xinjiang, which it calls genocide. Meanwhile, Australia has called on the United Nations to investigate alleged human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang. The U.S. government is also deeply troubled by reports that women are being sexually assaulted in Xinjiang detention camps. Following the BBC’s reporting of the CCP’s genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, the leftist media in Canada and Australia have also begun reporting, a full ferment since the West began its 119 characterizations. It really hits the dead center of the CCP and its lethality has begun to show. The CCP officials have significant assets transferred to Western countries, and as the international community begins to pursue the crimes committed by the CCP in Xinjiang, the safety of both the CCP’s overseas illegitimate children and assets are threatened. The Chinese media immediately reported that its embassy in Canada had sent a letter to the newspaper, saying that the newspaper was speculating on lies such as “genocide” and “forced labor,” which China firmly opposes. This shows that the CCP is aware of the seriousness of the problem and realizes that it is a serious threat to the survival of the CCP. CCTV International’s sharp comment also immediately published an article about whether Xinjiang is good or not, seeing is believing.  What is ridiculous is that 100% of the employees in a cotton textile enterprise in Xinjiang say that they can drink water and go to the toilet freely during work.  Even the most basic human needs are said to be a gift to the people of Xinjiang. This is the greatest evidence of genocide and crimes against humanity. In fact, if the CCP really wanted to clarify that they did not commit these crimes in Xinjiang, all they would have to do is allow free access to people at home and abroad, push through the firewall and allow the people of Xinjiang to speak freely, or submit evidence to the international court in response to the lawsuit, without any fear of media coverage at all. But all these are measures they dare not take, because a lie is a lie after all, and they can only continue to deceive and brainwash the people of the country if they do not have the courage to do so.

WHO experts reach a virus conclusion in less than four hours

The WHO international expert team conducted a traceability investigation of the CCP virus in Wuhan. Dazzak, who led the team, said that Chinese officials have never refused the expert group’s visit and meeting requests. If the source of the virus can be found, the contact between humans and this animal can be reduced.  At the beginning, it was defined as animal contact, and then he said there was no evidence that the virus came from the laboratory.  It can be judged that Dazzak performed the play completely in accordance with the script arranged by the CCP. Dazzak participated in the 2003 SARS virus investigation, allowing the CCP to easily escape the international trial in the SARS epidemic.  Dr. Yan broke the news that it is impossible for these WHO experts to enter the laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Virology, because entering the P3 laboratory must obtain the qualification certificate of the laboratory in advance. At the same time, they must change clothes and bath before and after entering the laboratory. The process takes at least 30 minutes.  P4 laboratory has even higher requirements and takes longer. Therefore, it is absurd to conclude that the CCP virus is of natural origin without even entering the laboratory and staying at the Wuhan Institute of Virus for less than four hours.

Pompeo fires back at Biden’s foreign policy speech

President Biden gave a foreign policy speech saying “The United States is back,” but the host could not figure out where the United States had gone before. He played the good cop bad cop game with the Chinese Communist countries and Russia. Biden called the Chinese Communist countries a threat and wanted to work with them, which is different from the America First policy. Mr. Pompeo responded to Biden’s statement in an interview on FOX. Is Biden’s “coming back” to the days when ISIS took over Syria, allowed the CCP to trample on the United States, and excluded its ally Israel while calling Iran a brother? The Chinese communist state is committing crimes against its own people that have not been seen since 1930 and that we preach will never be repeated, but the Chinese regime is committing the exact same acts. This is Pompeo, a representative with 80 million supporters, who is putting pressure on the Biden administration. Biden’s ambiguous statement made the CCP’s listener uneasy. At present, the Biden administration does not have any substantial connection with the Chinese Communist Party. The real threat to U.S. security is the Chinese Communist Party, not Biden’s so-called Russia. Biden is the president of the United States, who has to balance the interests of all parties during his four years in office. The wishes expressed in his speech may not always be implemented smoothly, but if Biden is bent on taking the pro-communist route, he will only end up inviting his own Waterloo.

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