Lude Daily Briefing Morning Edition 2021.02.03 – NewYork Time

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1. The US think tank RAND Corporation issued a report suggesting that the government shut up on the Taiwan issue

NetEase News quoted a report by the American think tank Rand Corporation on January 20 that once the CCP has armed conflict over Taiwan or the Senkaku Islands, the US government should keep a distance for its own interests.  The whole report actually has antecedents and consequences, and this assumption is only in the worst case.  It can also be understood that the CCP’s silent power in American think tanks and the results of BGY, and NetEase News made the entire report into out-of-context, highlighting that the U.S. will never send troops to rescue the Taiwan and Senkaku Islands issues.  Create a trend that it will win on the Taiwan issue, and also do enough early propaganda for the reunification of Taiwan.

2. The CCP’s propaganda of the Rand report actually conveys information to Taiwan

At this time, the CCP used the RAND Company’s report as out-of-context propaganda. The purpose was very obvious. The first was to make early propaganda for the use of force to solve the Taiwan issue.  On the other hand, it is also to send a message to the Taiwan government and people, that is, to tell the Taiwan government to recognize the situation as soon as possible. The United States will not provide assistance to Taiwan in a real sense for its own interests.  To convey to the people of Taiwan the inevitability of reunification, the harm and destructiveness of force, and the false promise of the United States.  The above intentions and actions of the CCP demonstrate the CCP’s determination to resolve the Taiwan issue.  Or, through media propaganda, let the people of Taiwan have a sense of crisis to force the government to obey the CCP.

 3. The three-hour study by the WHO investigation team in Wuhan ends

According to Chinese media reports, the WHO joint expert team visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences on the morning of February 3.  During the period, the expert group visited the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory (P4 Laboratory).  All interviews and reports of the 10-nation Joint Expert Group to the media were delivered through Peter Daszak in the United States. Lude Media has also analyzed the person’s previous social media remarks.  He said that to go to the CCP is actually to drink liquor, sing karaoke, etc., which is actually to be BGY.  The people that the expert team met in the CCP and the Wuhan Institute, the places they visited, and the topics they discussed were all arranged by the CCP.  In fact, it’s just acting a scene, and each takes what it needs.  The CCP needs to use the authority of Peter Daszak to circumvent all the CCP’s lies. Peter Daszak wants to get more benefits from the CCP, and his face has long been known.  .  Moreover, Dr. Yan had already predicted that the CCP would ask him to come out to show that the source of the virus was not the Wuhan P4 laboratory.

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