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China National Radio:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Hope that the US will also invite the WHO experts to conduct tracing viral origin research in the US.

热搜爆了!华春莹点名美国病毒基地,事关疫情源头…… - 知乎
Comment: The Chinese Communist Party officials turned black into white and confused right and wrong. It wanted to shift the blames of the virus to the United States, but this is already very confusing to the people in mainland China.

Daily Economic News:

The Ministry of Education responded to the proposal to prevent the feminisation of young males: Strengthening the deployment of physical education teachers and focusing on the cultivation of “masculinity”

Comment: Since the conscription, masculinity has been emphasised, but the CCTV still invites those“Xiao Xianrou” (young beautiful males) to perform. The CCP fears that the masculine will rebel but wants to recruit masculine soldiers to protect. Is this possible?


Illegal dumping chemical waste in Zhucheng, Shandong: White smoke coming from the sewer in the early morning, 7 people were taken to the ICU

Comment: A sewer dumping chemical waste occurred in Shunwang Street, Zhucheng City, Weifang City, Shandong Province. A large amount of white smoke emerged from the sewer, and many people were poisoned. At least seven people are having emergency treatment. Chemical waste can also pollute the groundwater and surrounding rivers. This phenomenon is not uncommon in China.


One of HNA’s subsidiaries has disclosed a so-called 63-billion=yuan “chaotic accounting books”, alleging that shareholders have stolen the fund. After China HNA Group was filed for bankruptcy and reorganisation by creditors, the bond trading of the group and its subsidiaries were restricted. Recently, a subsidiary of HNA suddenly revealed that the problem with parent company’s financial “accounting books”, stakeholders and related parties have occupied 63 billion yuan of fund. The public believes that HNA’s internal struggle reflects the internal struggle of the Chinese Communist Party’s core powers.。

海航子公司自揭630億「混帳」 指控股東佔用資金
Comment: The CCP’s bloody internal struggle is exacerbating

Epoch Times:

Yang Jiechi’s speech to the United States has been disconnected many times. It was mocked that it is time to find another VPN in order to better break through the Great Fire Wall.

杨洁篪对美讲话多次断线 被讽该换翻墙软件
Comment: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is one of the departments where various factions of the CCP gather and fight internally. Will the multiple disconnections be a result of power struggle within the Party?

John Trump

Comment: Former Secretary of State Pompeo has scared the CCP gangsters’ souls out.

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