[February 3, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

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[February 3, 2021] Video translation

Hi there! February 3rd, dear brothers and sisters, have you worked out yet? Did you spread the truth about the CCP Virus and the Hong Kong Crisis?

Wow, hilarious now! The internal political struggle in the mainland…the arrests during the past few days have got crazy! All bigwigs/officials at the provincial level were lobbying in Beijing risking getting infected by the CCP virus. Death is not even a concern anymore. Now the hooligans are busy ganging up waiting for that moment to come! The fight between those four gangs (four CCP senior high officials’ families) has now really reached the point, in which they are incompatible and are fighting like cats and dogs. Interesting, interesting, interesting!

So, brothers and sisters. For the Communist Party, God wishes to destroy it, so he first makes it mad. No one can stop the collapse of the CCP from inside! Overseas pressure on the CCP – where did the virus come from? Who created the virus? Do you see the attitude of the United States clearly now? Is it clear now what the attitude is of those organizations in the world that are infiltrated with the BGY plot?

The Myanmar event has already terrified the world. China and Russia, including North Korea, seem to be using these same tactics. Therefore, as I said in 2017, the “five evil empires” referring to: China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan. Brothers and sisters, do you see them clearly now? We don’t need to worry about it! The people who want to eliminate the CCP are so numerous! If you don’t eliminate the CCP, the CCP will eliminate you! You will be the next Aung San Suu Kyi!

I heard that when (Foreign Minister) Wang Yi met with the Burmese military in Myanmar, he clearly met all the Burmese military’s demands: “We will take care of the UN and the UN will not condemn you! If the US and other Western countries impose sanctions on you, we will fully support you economically! If you need weapons, you have our full support! Once some small-scale civil unrest and war happen, we will send our troops to help! But as for those jades of yours, and your emeralds, the timber, the forests …… bring them to me!”

Ha-ha, how about that? The politicians of the world are pursuing these three things – power, money and blood. But whenever you see the surface of an issue, you must also consider the opposite side – the hidden story! Did you realize, brothers and sisters? What happened in Myanmar, affected Thailand, affected Malaysia, even Singapore …… The CCP has ambushed thousands of soldiers in Singapore now. The CCP must root out the Lee Kuan Yew family in Singapore, who are behind Lee Hsien Loong’s administration! 

Do you know when this was planned? This plan was started in 2010! Today this is the first time I am talking about this plan. The CCP is planning to put post-Li era Singapore firmly in the hands of the communist controllers! As Miles said, the “Project 13579” includes this (Singapore) – and many people’s understanding about this plan are incorrect. The key point in the meaning of the number “9” is that the goal must be reached in 9 years; this “9 year” is the 9 years of Singapore. The CCP is targeting Lee Hsien Loong, but Lee Hsien Loong is stupidly unaware of it! He wishes to follow Europe, the US, but it is impossible! It is 100% certain that the CCP wants to control Singapore and in the end Lee Hsien Loong has no choice! After what happened in Myanmar, you can see that. Malaysia was on its knees long ago! There was Jo Low, Meng’s illegitimate son. Meng, Jianzhu was arrested, but Jho Low is still the grandson of the party – a direct descendant of the party! Right? What about Thailand? The Thaksin family has power in Thailand as usual! There are several other families besides the Thaksin’s. I won’t mention them. Now India is the hardest bone to crack! It is true that the only friend that the Chinese people can trust in Asia is India, and we have to be nice to India – India is sincere about destroying the Communist Party! So, the Dalai Lama can only stay in India. It is impossible that he can stay in any other country! 

Another country is Japan. After Yoshihide Suga, Japan will have strong leaders who are definitely our buddies! Yoshihide Suga is not a bad person, but he is a little bit weak. But, in the future, the next (Japanese leader will be) very strong. The Koizumi family will definitely return to the political scene! And then the Mitsubishi family, once again, will definitely carry out a political and economic reformation in Japan that no one will be able to stop! (In the matter of exterminating the CCP) it will become even more horrible in Japan. Japan will feel more threatened after the CCP intervened in, and now controls, Myanmar.

So, brothers and sisters, the CCP has expanded from Asia to the Middle East, from the Middle East to Africa, and then detouring back to Europe (as seen from this road map). The Communist Party has already been everywhere! Canada, the United States, and South America have completely fallen! Do you think the CCP will be strong? I can tell you this: the more it strengthens, the better for us – all mankind will stand with us. When each of them feels fearful and threatened by the CCP, that will be good for our Whistleblower Movement! Outside Communist China, the only force that has the determination to destroy the CCP and which can represent the voice of the Chinese is the Whistleblowers Movement, the New Federal State of China! What values are these, brothers and sisters! What does that mean, brothers and sisters? Think about it! This is the value of our Whistleblowers Movement! This is the future of the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China! No one can change that. 

So, after Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar was wiped out, (I spoke to) some friends from several Asian countries. I said to them: “don’t you want to play double-faced? Try playing with the CCP! How did the CCP deal with Aung San? There is only a live-or-die relationship between you and the CCP. There is no chance to negotiate with CCP for benefits or trades!” They realized this. The Japanese friends were terrified. I said, “I’m not kidding with you, absolutely the CCP realizes that Japan must be controlled by them! In future elections in Japan, (the Communists) will absolutely control the process as they did in the US! India has realized that in this election, the CCP is (heavily) involved in it. Why did they remove all the (CCP internet) APPs? Because it was influencing PM Modi’s election, that’s the fundamental reason! Also, PM Modi is smart, that goes without saying. He’s a real politician!

As we all see, Singapore is even more crucial. The next target to be taken (by the CCP) is Singapore! You’ll see, when it is time to take Singapore, Singapore won’t even have a chance to fight back! Lee Hsien Loong is an anti-communist in his bones, but this guy is an opportunist and doesn’t have his father’s political IQ! So, he looks stupid. He came to the US, but he talked with Kissinger again and again – he was always telling Kissinger how to deal with the CCP. Finally, he was betrayed by Kissinger! Right? So, he’s very simple, he’s not on the same level as his father!

So, it is said that, in this world, a really smart dad never expects his child to inherit everything from him, because that is not possible. Similarly nobody in this world expects to “pass on the family legacy” or “extend the legacy to future generations” since this is extremely stupid! The final result in Singapore is that success was created by the Li family; failure will also be caused by the Li family!

CCP brought wars to all sides in Asia, including with their claim on Taiwan! The CCP wishes to make them (these countries) the same as Hong Kong, by ruthlessly defeating Singapore, Malaysia and Japan the way a Hyena kills a Lion. Is it possible to turn all these countries into Hong Kong? I believe that there are various (contradictions) within the CCP – their physical and mental state, (their) internal strife, and now, when the economy is (already) at the edge of absolute collapse, how many days can CCP survive?

Of course, you don’t believe in me at all. You should trust Xi Jinping, trust the CCP – the CCP is pursuing the Chinese dream, the CCP has the “Zhongnankeng Pit”, CCP has the old gangsters!

Brothers and sisters, there nothing else to talk about today, I’m having boiled meatballs for lunch today so I won’t say anything, thank you(in Cantonese)! 

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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