About the G-Clubs’ Interactive Program and Lottery Drawing in the Chinese New Year

In the January 28, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo gave some details about the G-Clubs’ Chinese New Year Interactive Program promised to the members.

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After the broadcast this morning, I’ve got many messages. Many questions are related to G-Clubs’ interactive program for the Spring Festival. Brothers and sisters in arms, after watching the broadcast [on that day], we will have an interactive program, for it is a must and I have to interact with you. I guess that we will have probably 5,000 to 8,000 members online and approximately 20,000 members offline. But this will be an interactive moment, which is only for us, not for the public. In that moment, you can directly ask me any questions.  Although it will be the Chinese New Year [celebration], let’s not waste time talking about niceties but just get into questions someone might have for me since there will be so many people there, all right? If anyone wants to speak, just ask the question directly. It would be better if the questions are useful.     

As we just finished our G-Fashion meeting, the lawyer yelled in disagreement. Thanks to Ms. Yanping Wang who argued firmly on just grounds.  She told the lawyer that it is what it is whether they agree or disagree. It is going to be a lottery drawing with the prize of 5 BMWs, or maybe 5 Mercedes-Benz, five cars for sure. Probably it will be 5 BMWs for now.  Then, perhaps the bags that I mentioned in the morning, for example, the shoulder bag and the waist bag.  However, there won’t be enough time to make them since it probably takes 40 days to make.  In such case, we can change to the Guo Warrior Suit instead, the black color that I wore before.  The Warrior Suit of G-Forever and G-Fashion, 500 hats, bracelets, and rings, all are lottery prizes free for the winning members.  Isn’t that something! Many brothers-in-arms sent me messages, saying, “Brother Seven [Miles], we will give them to you if we win the prizes.” Well, please don’t do this!  You will get me in trouble if your lottery drawings end up in my pocket.  Who is that? Only a thief, a liar, or the “Nine-Finger Queen” can do things like that.  Correct? It is not right to do that.

In addition, you cannot donate your winning prize to the Rule of Law Foundation.  There will be two choices for you. With respect to the car lottery, for example, the BMW car is worth 100,000 dollars, which is at the 100,000 dollars level, so you can ask for cash, which can be given to you directly.  For example, as to the prize of 40,000 dollars, maybe 50,000 to 60,000 dollars, or the prize of 20,000 plus or 30,000 dollars, you can ask for cash, which can be wired to you directly. You can also ask for a bank card.  Either way will work. The price is based on the U.S. market. They will tell you what make and model the car is and how much it’s worth, you know? After they tell you those, you may say I want the car, then all of the tariffs when sending the car out to different countries from the U.S., for example, to Mainland China, Japan, Thailand, Africa… all the expenses are yours to bear after the car leaves the U.S.  Of course, you have to pay the tax. If you say, “I don’t want the car. I want the money,” then they will give you the cash immediately.       

If you say that you want to use the car in the U.S., you can just pick up the car and leave.  That’s how simple it is.  You can go to the nearby city to pick up the car.  The rest of the prizes, like rings, bracelets, Warrior Suits, and hats can be sent to your home without extra charge.  So, I won’t be able to reply to every one of you.  Brothers-in-arms, dose this sound okay to you?

Video source: https://gtv.org/getter/60133bbac3245d7c59e9ff05

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Acknowledgement: Thanks to Caihongqiao for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/838734/

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