Locked Behind Sealed Doors – The Cost of China’s ‘Victory’ Against COVID-19

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It is rather surreal to think that the Covid-19 pandemic began in China over a year ago. Since then, over 100 million people worldwide have been contacted the virus, and more than 2 million have passed away. The business has closed down, buildings were left empty, and almost everyone’s way of life has been forced to change in one way or another. As civilians around the globe continue to suffer from the multitude of impacts of Covid-19, there seems to be one glaring exception – China, where the virus originated. The CCP government has long claimed victory against the virus, and Chinese media stories seem to support that. In most cities, people have been living their lives ‘as normal’ for the past few months, or have they?

In reality, the apparent ‘success’ of containing the virus in China came at a considerable cost that is rarely covered by the state-controlled media. Whenever there is any sign of a local outbreak, totalitarian methods are immediately used to keep people at home regardless of their medical, mental, or physical needs. Lockdowns are quite literal under CCP-controlled China – buildings can be sealed for weeks or for as long as it takes until there are no new cases detected. While this has proven to be effective in terms of virus containment (credit where credit is due), countless lives were lost due to the lack of access to food, water, electricity, basic medicines, or treatments. For example, people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart issues and high blood pressure are mostly not allowed to attend to their essential appointments; civilians can starve when the appointed delivery network breaks down; the vulnerable groups and elderlies who cannot take care of themselves are left alone at home regardless.

The humanitarian crisis is destined to continue, as the government praises and encourages the dictator-style policies. Recent Covid-19 outbreaks in Shijiazhuang and Harbin have again led to state-wide lockdowns, which effectively put millions into prison cells that are their home. Western society must not be blinded by the stories of China’s ‘victory’ against the Covid-19 pandemic and seek to investigate, report and expose the stories of innocent Chinese civilians who have suffered and still are suffering from the CCP’s tyranny.

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