Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on Feb 6th, 2021

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  1. My brothers-in-arms, you’d better not go out if you can, as many do not wear face coverings outdoors. I really regret going out today. Due to this CCP-Virus (coronavirus), all things regarding the world economy and politics have been switched into this Great Reset mode. No country can avoid this key issue – the virus, and subsequently, the issue of the CCP.  Many people could not distinguish between China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which caused tremendous sufferings to the Chinese people. Now the entire world is talking about China every minute. Only our WM (Whistleblower Movement) and the NFSC (New Federal States of China) have been able to separate the CCP apart from the Chinese people, in front of all media outlets and the world politicians in advance. This is the greatest contribution that we’ve achieved.  Whenever someone talks about the virus issue, he/she will unavoidably talk about the WM, the NFSC, Dr. Yan (Li-Meng Yan), and, Lude Media’s 119 show aired on Jan 19, 2020 [when the virus origin was initially exposed]. There is no bypassing of that. In this case, they all have to reach out to the WM and myself [Miles]. I have endless messages to reply every day.
  1. For the past two days, many asked me why CCP is so keen in developing a digital currency? In the West, he who possesses capital only has the power to indoctrinate; the ones who get to decide how much money others may get are called [the masters of] the “Swamp Realm.” 

During the past 20 or 30 years, particularly after China joined the WTO, its GDP skyrocketed from 1.3 trillion to 15 trillion dollars.  China’s GDP was only one-twelfth of the U.S.’s, now only trailing the U.S. by a few trillion. Given this circumstance, what the CCP has been attacking the most is the U.S. SWIFT payment system during the past year, as the SWIFT can draw a profit of $200 billion via more than its 100 trillion transactions each year. It is just like how the USD challenged the status of the pound sterling around World War II.

The CCP has brought up the topic of SWIFT at nearly 1000 international conferences over the past decade or so, and roughly 3000 times over the past 20 years.

The biggest topics people discussed these days are none other than the CCP virus, whether Biden is pro-CCP, and the designation of CCP’s genocide and crimes against humanity, and, what the CCP is developing a cryptocurrency for?

The reason why the CCP is developing its cryptocurrency is definitely not for making the Chinese people have a strong economy, and live in peace and prosperity. Rather, it is for turning all Chinese into slaves and turning the world into a so-called “commonwealth.”

The CCP knows that it is impossible to challenge the status of the U.S. dollar. But the arrival of the internet era brings along the digital currency era. The CCP’s digital currency bears 3 trademarks: First, it is the base currency with the backing of the state power, completely centralized, so much so that no others can compete with it. This’d be an empirical era of an extreme concentration of wealth.

Second, once the digital currency becomes the base currency of the regime, the CCP will gain total control over the governing its people, privacy of the people, and wealth of the commonfolks (i.e., Lao-Bai-Xing); and this control is exclusive to the CCP. All of these will enable the CCP to have absolute control over its people’s actions, human rights, freedom, and beliefs.

Third, once digital currency becomes the base currency [of the CCP], it will be calamitous for China’s 56 ethnic minorities, such as Tibet and Muslims in Xinjiang. They could be destroyed with just a click of a button, which is more powerful than nuclear weapons.

  1. It has a great influence on the West as well. Firstly, CCP will have more leverage in its negotiation with Americans. Because it controls the Chinese people 100%, it will also control the pricing 100%. It can kill your trade market at any given minute.

Secondly, the CCP will determine any future deflation or inflation because it is in control of production and market. Control of the market leads to control of pricing, which will lead to its control of your finance and economy.

Thirdly, if the CCP exists 5 more years, its GDP will reach 30 to 35 trillion U.S. dollars. At that time, with 20 million Chinese migrating, and nearly 20 to 30 trillion U.S. dollars circulating in the world, we will see the emergence of a marginal market value of 80 to 120 trillion U.S. dollars. Without needing a hot war, the CCP can destroy the economy of the United States and Europe at any given moment, simply by digitalization and globalization of CNY (Chinese Yuan). After all, they control the information and the circulation of 40% to 60% of the wealth in the U.S. and the West.

The digital currency of the CCP will be very influential. From the perspective of the West, it serves the CCP in four ways: It collects intelligence; it is used as an instrument for unlimited economic warfare; it serves a tool of the BGY Plan and political corruption; last but not least, it destroys the Western values , that is, your faith, at any moment.

To dominate the world, the CCP must destroy the U.S. dollar. The United States will cease to exist without the U.S. dollar. Then the CCP will control 5G network and quantum computing, execute the BGY plan (Blue, Gold and Yellow: corruption through internet influence, money, and sex) and the 3F plan (foment weakness, chaos, and destruction), and start social media campaigns, which in turn will greatly impact the politics, armed forces, foreign policies, and finally the economy of the United States.  All fights between China and the U.S. will then involve the economy. The CCP has completed its design, as a result of the U.S. traitors and the CCP working in cahoots.

The main objectives of the CCP are to destroy the U.S. dollar, and fundamentally change the Western ways of life in areas such as intelligence collection, faith, and finance. It aims to turn the West to a completely socialist and communist society. Therefore, digital currency is the focus of fighting in the U.S. economy. Biden’s presidency signifies the imminent beginning of a new era of digital currency.  It also signifies the demise of the U.S. and its economic collapse. Europe will fare even worse.

4. The technology created by the U.S. will become its own weakness. The U.S. election system was destroyed by social media. SWIFT sells out the U.S. for money. This is karma.The CCP sabotaged the U.S. election with the technology invented by the U.S. It weakened Americans’ faith and liberty with the social media born in the U.S. It fights the U.S. with the American SWIFT system and the virtual currency invented by Americans.

How will the New Federal State of China (NFSC) fight against the CCP? We need to learn from the CCP. We need to use the CCP to destroy the CCP. Our goal is to destroy its economy.  Before the Kuomintang [Chinese Nationalist Party] fled the mainland, it issued a great amount of gold and silver coupons. Back then, the Kong and Song families oppressed and exploited the Chinese people. Crazy things similar to these are happening now in China under the rule of the CCP. At that time, the Kuomintang insiders all transferred their wealth to the U.S., Japan, and Southeast Asia.

  1. There are several disadvantages to the CCP’s digital currency. Firstly, it will be very difficult for the CCP to commit corruption because it stipulates paper currency is illegal, and digital currency would be the only currency.  This policy will nullify all embezzlement.  Ever since the CCP launched DCEP (Direct Current Electrode Positive), the price of antique calligraphy, paintings, emerald, and jade skyrocketed. This is why Burma is so important. 

During the past 20 months, the Sino-Burma trading volume of emerald, jade and wood has increased over 300 times. The major buyer is the CCP. The second-highest trading volume is Bitcoin, and the Chinese military intelligence is the major buyer. The next will be the purchase of overseas houses, followed by the purchase of gold and silver. The CCP knows that there’s no place to hide its embezzlement so they transferred massive money overseas, which drove up the commodity prices worldwide.  

Secondly, the CCP’s “One-party interest” policy in China committing bigger corruption in the name of “Counter-corruption”, rule the country mafia style and rule the country police-state style. This does not balance out the regime that runs on corruption under the one-party dictatorship. 

There will be no fish when the water is transparent. Eventually, the old notes will be abolished [by the regime], and new notes will be issued.  The CCP’s hying of the financial market, Rolling-Pin (fake) financial market will make large transactions and bribery even harder. Vice versa, a “One-party interest “policy may cause a whole pot end. No one could achieve the real “One-party interest” policy before, but it will highly likely happen when it turns into digital currency.  

Don’t forget that when he attacks somebody with a nuclear weapon, he could be destroyed by it as well. This is the real threat that digital currency has imposed on the CCP. It is the “digital nuclear weapon” [the devastation caused by digital currency is equivalent to a nuclear weapon], strictly speaking, this should be called “Nuclear-currency.”

  1. The WM has been given the best opportunity before CCP successfully launching the digital currency. It’s impossible to exchange all the money for USD.  Those who are wealthy will not use US dollars.  I don’t believe that gold will be very valuable, however, devaluation of gold is impossible too. Eventually, gold will become a decoration.   Bitcoin is to decentralize virtual currency, and it has no commercial value without currency circulation. Its purpose is money laundering, hiding embezzlement, and avoiding financial risks, and it could not become a trading currency, which eventually will have no value. Therefore, large amounts of legal domestic outflows transferred their funds to G-Series. 

We the Chinese should not turn everything into gambling.  When there is a decupled return, there will be millupled risks. Only the amount of wealth that you earned steadily with reasonable development truly belongs to you. Most of the virtual currency will die out because of its speculation or being a tool of money laundering. We hope G-Coin, G-Dollar will become the cleanest, the most legal, and the most stable currency. This “Two-Coin Concept,” consisting of Stable-Coin and Floating-Coin, is connected with G-Fashion and G-Club and will become a circulating currency right after it is launched. This is my perfect design. It will undergo the strictest supervision from the SEC and financial management institutions. Once it is launched, it will be the same as the listed companies in the market. Anyone who manipulates the stock price and provides false information to KYC is committing a criminal offence.

  1. Our BIAs, be aware of anyone who likes to keep the voice messages of others as evidence. This person will sooner or later become your enemy. The “Nine-Finger Goblin” [Sara] does such; she also likes to daydream and loves fantasy; she acts one way to your face and another behind your back. Such a person is a villain, a bad guy. The “Nine-Finger Goblin” is a typical example. She and her followers are a planned, organized, premeditated murderous gang.  It’s not just a scam anymore, it is a CRIME. If the “Nine-Finger Goblin” does not go to prison, the U.S. prison will be built in vain. 

“Turtle-head Yang’s” real name is Chen Qisheng, and this person is so bad. We discovered Sara’s new accounts at JPMorgan Bank with $5 million on one account and another $5 million on the other account. Didn’t you [Sara] say you gave all to the headquarter and had no money left? How come there is still money on the account? Why don’t you pay back the BIAs if you have the money? Now, there are still 300+ people following the “Nine-Finger Goblin.”  Our WM does not welcome fools in particular because they will destroy a nation. I particularly hate when a person is so selfish that s/he becomes stupid. You not only harm yourself but also endanger your family and others. There are also some other fools who [said] they have no confidence and they no longer follow me. Please, leave us as soon as you can, take your money back and invest in the CCP.

8. Since the nascent phase of GTV, only one person has requested to withdraw investment. That person’s name is ‘手持钢叉的闰土’ [the user registration name of this person’s  GTV account]. He verbally attacked other people since the very beginning of his live broadcast on GTV and we turned off his live broadcast three times. The moment he proposed to withdraw investment, I was secretly delighted and hoped that he would leave quickly. In addition to the BIAs defrauded by VOG, the waiting list has at least 500 candidates who intend to invest more than 1 million CNY. Anyone who has doubts about investing in GTV, please hurry up and withdraw your investment. ‘手持钢叉的闰土’ was registered with the Himalaya Canada. Lao Ban Zhang verified that the guy was not threatened by the CCP, and he voluntarily withdrew his investment. His investor qualification has been canceled. The share registrar will return the money to you, and at the same time cancel your shares. The timing of refund and share cancellation is up to the SEC and the share registrar. Your relationship with us has been terminated.

  1. The G-Translators team made an error in the simultaneous translation that got me into big trouble. The SEC watched my live broadcast, listened to the simultaneous translation and said that I was talking on air about moving “my GTV” away and shutting down Seraca. You guys got the wrong idea of what I meant. I meant WE MOVE GTV AWAY, not MY GTV. I don’t have one share of GTV. I’m just the founder. This got me in big trouble. When our lawyers heard that ‘手持钢叉的闰土’ wanted to return the Seat [GTV private equity investor Seat], they were very happy. 

They told me that if we were to ask any investor to return a seat, this person could come back and sue you later for damages (should the equity gains in value). This is true. The lawyers said that we had not seen anyone who wanted to return the stock, which surprised the SEC, because no other company had ever been in this situation. Now finally here comes out a person who voluntarily wants to withdraw–this is good for us. This lets the SEC see that its investigation has caused people to surrender the investor seat(s). GTV suffered a major loss, which is not what we want.  I think the lawyers’ words are reasonable and are off to a good start. 

GTV’s worth doesn’t rely on these 1300 investor seats, or otherwise there is no future. GTV relies on the data, features, and its users, which are the future and the real value. If GTV moves out of the U.S., it will launch new private equity investments all over again. The CCP is trying to do everything possible to sue indiscriminately, and to make false accusations and untruthful allegations. 

The SEC does not consider the fact that the background of GTV is a platform aiming to take down the Chinese Communist Party, nor does it care that many of our investors (in China) will go to jail or die if the money is returned, or that money will be lost because it cannot be returned, or that people will even be harmed because of the money returned. They only listen to the CCP’s falsehoods.  How the 1,300 investor seats will talk to the SEC in the future is up to you, this is your business, but we try to protect by all means the legal status of these 1300 investor seats and the price of one dollar per share. GTV will move on cleanly, and people will definitely see its value and future.

  1. Wait for a while and you will see Getter’s super functions.  GTV is not perfect, but it is legendary. It must go through a reasonable time in a scientific process. G-Series is a perfect business model—traditional, modern, conservative, financial, virtual and real entities are all included and with entity operations. Asset valuation by western financial markets (standard) looks at real data, technology, and the team. Zoom reached $50 billion net worth in 5 years and is now worth about $70 or $80 billion; Tiktok is also worth tens of billions of dollars; they all have large teams of engineers. We pay the GTV engineers by hour. Not a penny of our BIA’s money in GTV was spent. The operation costs of GTV all come from other investors’ money. GTV now has 120 engineers and managers, with more than 40 lawyers to maintain the operation–the most expensive lawyer is paid $900,000 a month.
  1. Everything from G-Fashion is original. For the BIAs whose investments in VOG were suspended, your respective benefits will remain the same. All Himalaya Farms will become shareholders of G-Fashion, with every share accounted for. As a matter of fact, G-coin and G-dollar are a bank payment system and a future financial system associated with loan business. KYC (Know Your Customer) verifies your family background and real identity. Passing the KYC authentication means having a financial ecosystem overseas. G-Coin and G-Dollar can be used for investment, consumption, hedge fund and rewards of G-Series. 

The refinancing of the GTV is highly likely to accept only G-Coin and G-Dollar. the CCP’s tactics to control your mind, will, ability and everything else by controlling your money will be terminated [once they launched the two coins].   This is the core value of G-Coin and G-Dollar. Since the two coins are registered in a western country, they will be supervised [by relative departments] and using them or making transactions will require licenses according to the regulations.  First, the information is secure. Second, it cannot be used as a threat tool.  Third, it is absolutely private.  Lastly, there is no possibility of cooperating with the CCP. The KYC would not be a problem as long as the information is true.

  1. After our BIA in China was arrested, Ms. Danhe sent cash to the BIA’s mother and politely refused to take the money given to her by me. There is also a BIA from Jilin Province who drove a police car with his family [to prevent unnecessary trouble] to send food, medical masks, medicines to other BIAs in need. What’s more, he drove more than three hours to help the whole family of another BIA to settle in a safe place—a house with hundreds of boxes of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc—he left a whole box of medical masks and more than 100,000 CNY to the family. They didn’t even want me to say ‘thank you’ to them. Our BIAs in Hong Kong have always delivered cash and supplies to other fellow fighters within 24 hours (after they learn the information), without a single problem so far. Hong Kong is our Holy city. A BIA from Hong Kong that I’ve never met went to Shenzhen and brought marinated lamb feet for everyone to enjoy. S/he also took out three different colored envelopes, with over 60,000 HKD inside. They are all true brothers-in-arms!
  1. I love reading. The birth of all new nations or justice must go through dozens of troubles, and most importantly, through betrayal. Trump, Xi Jinping, Putin, Rothschild are all powerful, and all of them were betrayed. Few Middle Eastern countries have no domestic disturbance. Former Vice-President Mike Pence becomes a TV moderator now.  Washington DC has turned into a prison, with people fighting each other.
  1. The first hurdle for those who want to accomplish great things is to train your mind.  That is what the Buddha called the unwavering mind. When the mind changes, everything is changed.  If the mind is not perturbed, there will be less catastrophe and less difficulty. With an unwavering mind, we could accomplish great things and righteous deeds. The CCP tried every way to disturb my mind. If my mind is disturbed, the CCP will win. Only when our faith is not changed by profit, fame, deceit, sexual desire, betrayal, or donations, it can be called “the Whistleblower Movement”, and then we have a chance to take down the CCP.  

If our faith changes, the great things and righteous deeds would not be accomplished. It is the eve of awakening. The way to achieve the right cause is to hold on to the current goal and not to give up under any excuse. If you give up, that means you lose faith. Having fantasies and being lazy would destroy your true duty. The “Nine-Finger Goblin” has committed a stupid sin. She would be punished by the Buddha because she is not only intended to make money but also to murder people. This is the unforgivable sin. Her sister and brother-in-law are insiders of the CCP in China. They colluded together. Sara thought that many of our BIAs were not able to check the remittance and had no chance to ask for the money back, so they killed people by their need.

  1. I love making jokes. But I do not have any personal relationship with any female BIAs, and never will. Someone said that I was deceived by the “Nine-Finger Goblin.”  That is insulting me. Currently, men, women and children all call me “Seventh Brother.” An old BIA who was in charge of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee said: “The benefit of the ‘Nine-Finger Goblin’ incident is that in the future, there are less chances for anyone to become her. In the future, things related to money will become more and more transparent.” 

Meanwhile, all BIAs should not be impulsive and should not rely solely on my endorsement. Everyone should follow normal logic and procedures and should be careful when transferring money. The bigger advantage is that it proved that the BIAs who are really rich and have status did not go to VOG. Why is CCP afraid of us? They have defined us as an organization that subverts the country because the G series is a joint team, and we can do great things. People from various industries and political departments under the CCP systems are watching GTV and watching my live broadcast for various reasons.

  1. Instead of poking a hole in the moneybag of the CCP, I made a mirror.  I “mirrored” after the CPP – the things it wanted to achieve illegally, we have lawfully achieved the same outcome internationally. If they could do “1”, then I can do “1” followed by countless zeros. That’s what I want to do. The Chinese Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) recently handled a big case. Someone in China who remitted 60 million dollars to an overseas anti-CCP organization for a loan was arrested by the CCDI.  In less than two weeks, that person was released as a phone call from Beijing demanded him to get undercover overseas. That person left, together with several other investors [who also remitted to the anti-CCP organization] as well as their entire families, for good. Everyone at the scene laughed, with implicit understanding. They all are our BIAs. The population in China is 1.4 billion with 15 trillion USD of GDP. Only tens of millions of them are wealthy men. It will be a devastating blow on the CCP if only a small fraction of them invests in the G-Series. CCP, if you hindered (them to invest), your regime will collapse.
  1. Back then, when the CCP arrived at Yan’an, there were about 3000 people left. This is far worse than our WM. The CCP did nothing but robbing and stealing as they were broke. A single investment easily reached hundreds of millions of dollars and billions of dollars in a single loan project.  It is far beyond their power and ability. This is the definition of leveraging the power of the U.S. and CCP’s self-destruction to exterminate the CCP.  We must have a firm determination to pursue the faith. I hope all our BIAs are kind but do not combine your kindness with cowardice and selfishness, or it will become a disaster. Stay real, kind, and heartless. Sometimes, you have to be determined.
  1. The Miles Guo on Spring Festival Gala this year will start at 8-9 am EST, 7-8 pm Beijing time on the Lunar New Year’s Eve. We will connect with Mr. Steve K Bannon. Eliminating the CCP is super glue, as long as you sincerely hope and work on exterminating the CCP, I will be sticking with you guys. The word “to take down the CCP” has not been said as much as we have said in one live broadcast in the past 70 years. 

That’s why the CCP hates us so much. And that’s why they appointed the “Nine-Finger Goblin” [Sara], “Swallows” [female sexpionage], “Snakes” [male sexpionage] to the WM. It’s very normal. We should take it rationally and put ourselves in their shoes. We’d be happy to see the CCP is being driven mad, [but on its path to its death,] it is not guaranteed the ones being hurt are only our foes, and not our own BIAs.

I will come forward when facing sacrifice, dedication and be altruistic in daily life. That’s the real Sādhanā. The biggest gain after the“Nine-Finger Goblin”incident was that more BIAs stepped up. It’s really something. I hate liars and those who do not keep their promises. I hate lying. So, I will keep my promises to add 15 BIAs who commented to my latest Getter every time. Have a great weekend!

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