Facing The Unrestricted Warfare Of The CCP, Surrender Or Fight Back?

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Translation & Proofreading: 北仲久美子, 东方淳子, Tracy / Tokyo Sakura Group

The Burmese coup took place at the time of  the U.S. election. This is another masterpiece of the Unrestricted Warfare of the CCP! The military coup mode is simple and straightforward. Aung San Suu Kyi was arrested and imprisoned because the CCP no longer liked her. This is the future of small Southeast Asian countries. The CCP has been deliberately preparing for unrestricted warfare for many years, and called the 13579 War Plan. Those old bastards in Zhongnanhai cannot hide anything from Mr. Guo Wengui, but they have the ability to deceive the selfish, greedy capitalists and ignorant politicians of Western countries. In the face of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare expansion in the world, Western civilized countries have shown selfish ignorance, and can almost be described as completely defense free. Basically, they are passive and defeated. Aren’t the Western countries very powerful? Why is this result? Because the CCP is using the unrestricted warfare strategy. Knowing that your fists are hard, they will not use their fists against you. All they do is punch your weakness and make you kneel down. This is unrestricted warfare, to infiltrate with Blue-Gold-Yellow (known as BGY) strategy and to kidnap with economic interest, squeeze the testicles of Western capitalists with one hand, and hold the virus weapon in the other. Of course, this is not all. Isn’t there the Whistle Blower Movement? Isn’t there the New Federal State of China? This is the sadness of this world! Although Mr. Guo Wengui’s voice was yelling, they did not listen because of selfish greed and arrogance. Mr. Guo Wengui’s warnings fell on deaf ears, and their delay in action led to such embarrassment. Even the Statue of Liberty is pregnant.

What will happen next? CCP’s unrestricted warfare and expansion to the world will certainly continue. The next one to be taken could be Taiwan or Singapore, and there is no doubt it’s not by way of direct force and military action, which doesn’t belong to unrestricted warfare. The most important thing in the Western world is awakening! Having been beaten, they did not realize that they were already in a war and still have illusions and fluke mind, This is the most dangerous.

The CCP launched unrestricted warfare in Hong Kong. Western countries watched Hong Kong’s destruction and fall, but did nothing. They did not realize this was the beginning of the unrestricted warfare and world domination initiated by the CCP. Almost all western mainstream media seem to have become CCP’s external propaganda, helping the CCP to whitewash the peace, understatement or indifferent to the Hong Kong incident. Why is the Hong Kong incident regarded as CCP’s unrestricted warfare? You can ask whether or not CCP has sent troops into Hong Kong. The answer is yes. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) infiltrated Hong Kong on a large scale in disguise and participated in the suppression and massacre of Hong Kong people. Although these moves are not wise, the truth is still deliberately covered up. The Trump administration was deceived by CCP’s trade negotiations. Coupled with the power of BGY strategy, the Trump administration has almost lost its ability to act. Has not taken any substantive rescue operations, let alone counterattacked the CCP. This is the case in the United States, let alone Europe and Japan.

At the beginning of 2019, the CCP escalated its unrestricted warfare by launching a vital virus. However the Whistle Blower Movement  issued a warning to the world from the very first moment. On January 19, 2020, Lude Media disclosed for the first time in the world that “this coronavirus is the biological weapon released by the CCP”. This conclusion was based on two irrefutable virological analysis reports by Dr. Yan Limeng. In this episode, characterize the CCP virus as: it came from the skeleton of the Zhoushan bat and has been edited and modified. It was a biological weapon from a military laboratory, which has also been spread among humans. It will mutate strongly and outbreak heavily. However, it is very sad that the WHO, the scientific community and the mainstream Western  media have been deliberately covering up this truth about the virus for more than a year. They shamelessly acted as accomplices in the CCP’s unrestricted warfare on the virus. Today, the number of infected cases has exceeded 100 million, and more than 2 million people have died. The global economy has been hit hard. At the same time, politics, social activities and all basic human  lifestyles have been greatly affected. It has become increasingly clear that the CCP’s intention to launch this virus is unrestricted warfare, which is to mess up and dominate the entire world. Although the Trump administration defined the CCP’s genocide and crimes against humanity in Xinjiang before leaving office, there is no qualitative conclusion about the looming CCP virus, so the CCP virus still threatens humanity. In the U.S. and Western countries, those selfish and greedy capitalists, unscrupulous big-tech companies, social media and mainstream media , will you still ignore the truth about the virus and continue to cooperate with the CCP? Or do you dream of conspiring with the CCP Devil to carry out a “The Great Reset” and then dominate the entire world? If the CCP ever rules the world, then the fool will be the first to be eliminated! Look at the U.S. election, not to mention, how do you know this is not part of the unrestricted warfare of the CCP?

Surrender or Fight Back? The U.S. and Western countries are at a crossroads in history. Facing the unrestricted warfare of the CCP, Western civilization is unimaginably fragile. The only way to help solve problems of the westen countries is the New Federal State of China and the Whistle Blower Movement. Choose the CCP or the New Federal State of China? If you choose the CCP, prepare to continually be raped and threatened by the virus for years. Waiting for the CCP to gradually expand, and then be completely knocked down by the CCP, and then the world will enter the CCP’s dictatorship mode. Or you choose the New Federal State of China, and then start the global eradication of the CCP model, and usher in a new order of human civilization after the pain. 

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Editor: 東洋武士 / Tokyo Sakura Group

Original Source:https://gnews.org/zh-hans/883440/


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