One of the Main Points of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 6: Why Did the Chinese Communist Party Develop Its Own Digital Currency

Translator: Ana

Proofreading:  Dandan

The first reason is to turn the Chinese into slaves. At that time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can even say that China is the first country who does not need cameras. They will cancel all cameras and no longer need this thing. The CCP will even abolish the director of the police station and show this to the world “the country of great harmony”! They will rule your pockets, rule your wealth, and rule everything about you. Then the foreigners said: “What does it have to do with us? This is what called capitalism.” When foreigners listened to this, they were very happy. They didn’t care about the life and death of these 56 ethnic groups in China. They said: “It’s not my business , right? “You, people from Yunnan, from Xinjiang, and people from Tibet, if you die. it’s not my fault, I just want to make money”, the foreigners probably think in this way but just didn’t speak it out. They may think if the CCP lock up these 1.4 billion fools, don’t they have more money? I asked these foreigners friends that you are very happy about this, right? The CCP will stay in China like this, turning 1.4 billion people into modern slaves, replacing today’s cameras and surveillance equipment with modern virtual currencies, and no longer use mobile phones to monitor, just control your money, because as long as you download the application for virtual currency, the CCP will know everything about what you are doing. Through this system, who is next to you and together with you, where your car has gone through your GPS and your mobile phone. Wherever you are, the CCP can spell out your life, the personnel resources, and the relationship around you through your mobile phone, even your secret lover, all these they will know. So in this case, the CCP will have more leverages when it comes to talking about the business with you, American people. It has 100% and 89% control of absolute slaves in China who can do business with you.  100% of its pricing power can be in the hands of the CCP, don’t you do business with them? If you don’t do it, your money will disappear, If I (the CCP) ask you to pay one dollar for a short pant, you will have to pay one dollar.  If they ask you ten dollars, you will have to pay ten dollars. Because you don’t have the pricing power and it would be CCP who makes the decision. The power of CCP which controls 1.4 billion slaves will negotiate with you, and it will kill all your financial markets as well as all trade markets in few minutes. Because it (the CCP) controls market prices—the pricing power is in its hand. The foreigners (in the conferences with me) answered «  yes, yes ».

Secondly,the CCP’s economy is fake now, they can say whatever they want. There is only one country in the world that is the CCP, it can do enough to control future economic inflation and deflation, even the North Korea does not have that market leverage. The CCP has a comprehensive market production chain, and it has this leverage ability. It can determine economic inflation, deflation, and the supply-demand relationship in the market. It can control supply and demand, so it controls the market. Since it can control supply and demand and the market, as consequence it can control the market price. Of course, it controls finance and the economy. I told these Westerners that when there are 1.4 billion Chinese people in the future, or let us say 100 million, and increase the circulation of 20 million people in the world, China’s current GDP is 15 trillion. If the CCP exist in China for five years, after 2025, China’s so-called GDP will reach 30 trillion to 35 trillion in 2026 and 2027, Chinese diplomats and Chinese government have said that in the next ten years to 2025, China will have 10 trillion U.S. dollars in external procurement. After 2025, the CCP will purchase 20 to 30 trillion U.S. dollars abroad. Don’t only listen to me. please verify it yourself. At that time, the flow of 20 million Chinese people will be involved in 20 trillion or 30 trillion in circulation in the world, and the resulting market value will be about 80 trillion to 120 trillion of the marginal effect and transaction result. I can say that, the CCP does not need to fight against you at all. They can destroy U.S dollar and Euro economic in few minuets through the digitalized RMB and the internationalized RMB. It is really like an elephant destroy an ant, so easy. At that time, the United States would not be great anymore. By minutes it(the CCP)can surpasses your quantum computer, surpasses all your 5G, they just take you (America) as a joke. Because the Communist Party holds the absolute information on the circulation of nearly 40% or even 60% of the wealth of the entire United States and the Western. How awesome is the CCP’s digital currency? To you Westerners, I say that it (digital currency) has four core values: intelligence value, and the value of economic unrestricted warfare.

Thirdly, the value of the CCP’s digital currency is: the “BGY plan” convey all the interests of the Western , and the absolute political “BGY” to corrupt you.

(The CCP’s “BGY” plan: B-blue, means to control news and social medias, G-Gold: means to buy influence using money, Y-Yellow: means to trap key persons with sex)

Fourth, if they (the CCP) want to destroy the western value , they will destroy your beliefs. I don’t believe any priest would send back the money if he received one thousand dollars in the bank account. They could return the money after receiving 10,000 dollars. But then, the CCP will give you ten million, one million, one hundred million dollars. Every day you receive more and more money, and you return and return everyday. Finally one day, you will feel tired and stop returning the money back to them.


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