Will “Great Reset” Be the Cure for the CCP Virus?

Authored by Connecticut Pangu: 树人
Review by Connecticut Pangu: Bruce

great reset

The Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in June 2020. In the midst of coronavirus pandemic, aka CCP virus, “Elites” from around the globe started to design a new world order for mankind. But will they be able to dismantle the crisis once and for all?

Unfortunately, a negative answer is too obvious to be ignored. Their purpose to “reset” the world can be translated in many ways based what you are standing. As we had been told and had learnt from Mr. Miles GUO, there’s no way you could bring lives back to normal when you know exactly what the CCP virus is. “There is no conspiracy, but there’s also no coincidence.” (Steven K. Bannon, W.R.-Epi-715)

When the “Elites” realized CCP had antidote all along, they might immediately set up meetings with CCP to further collaborate with the evil regime, which is welcomed by Xi Jinping, the monster in charge who is fully accountable for the historical attack in human history.

When people reads through the agenda of “Great Reset”, you won’t find any information about the origins of the CCP virus which is an unrestricted bioweapon cooked and unleashed by CCP deliberately; neither will you be able to secure yourself from being infected, nor with the so-called vaccine for sure. The vaccination plan will soon turn out to be an even worse disaster bringing more damage to mankind. (Overwhelming reports on side effects and doubtful effectiveness of vaccines could be found in various reports.

The invisible enemy, the CCP virus, dispatched by Xi Jinping was designated to disable CCP’s opponents. It expects to see kneeling, begging, collusion for interests and collaboration with the global Cabal. It “successfully” infected over 0.1 billion people and the number is counting second by second, let alone the fake numbers disclosed by CCP for domestic infections. How could the Great Reset stop the counting of loss of lives? It’s never covered in their agenda at all.

The key components in Great Reset are disguised description to rule the world instead of pursuing of truth, which are:

  1. CCP virus is a bioweapon utilized unrestrictedly; “What Dr. Li-Meng Yan said about COVID-19”)
  2. CCP has antidote; (Mr. Miles Kwok’s getter,
  3. CCP is expecting the world to kneel and to be enslaved; (“To build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind” – Xi Jinping)
  4. Elimination of CCP is the only cure. “Decoding in English on Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Bombshell Report Revealing the Truth of CCP Virus”)

Kind people from all around the globe exhausted of being manipulated by the media oligarchs, log on GTV or GNews where truth is shared and demonstrated. The New Federal State of China is broadcasting the one and only truth and looking forward to more contributors to join the fight.   

Action. Action. Action! Take down the CCP, (A lovely song by Mr. Miles Kwok, by the way) order them to hand over the antidote. Save yourself, your family, your country, our world. The world doesn’t need a “Reset”, it needs the CCP being bygone.

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