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Some of the information is gathered from all parts of the internet, viewer discretion is advised.

1. Himalaya UK, GNEWS: February 1st, 2021,Pompeo: The CCP keeps on taking actions to test the Biden administration

Comment: The CCP has been frequently taking actions recently. Mr. Pompeo’s interviews, together with Mr. Miles Guo’s recent live broadcast, have gradually exposed the CCP’s crazy ambition to “unify Asia” through their “13579” plan.

2. Himalaya UK, GNEWS: BGI, which provides COVID tests to the world, is deeply involved in the military-civilian fusion

Comment: Keywords: military-civilian integration, BGI Gene, National Defense Science and Technology University, COVID test kit, genetic engineering.

3. People’s Daily: How to solve this Red Bull problem?

Comment: The article states that: “Even if China Red Bull loses the second trial, it can still apply for a retrial and file a protest.” “The final settlement of this protracted dispute is still highly likely going through negotiations, rather than staggered litigation wars and public opinion wars. ” This article in People’s Daily just showed that the CCP’s rule of law is fake, and the verdict has no real power.

4. Daily Military View: [Need to pay attention to the Russian factor in the Myanmar coup]

Comment: The CCP used the old tricks again to shift the blame to Russia. But ultimately, there will be a time when the whole world will hold it to be accountable.

5. EaseNet: The chip manufacturing projects are failed on mass? ! It is so hard to make chips!

Comment: Many chip manufacturing companies in Communist China have gone bankrupt. As long as the society endorses falsehood, there will be no one to do things truthfully. This is because doing so will result in being phased out by society.

6. NetEase: Out of the blue! After Zotye and Brilliance, another car company went bankrupt!

Comment: Car industry led bankruptcy.  The CCP claimed that in 2020 the sales revenue of the national automobile industry grew 8%, and the automobile manufacturing industry grew 4.0%. This is in sharp contrast to the chain of successive closures of car companies.

7. Sohu: The “chicken baby” absurd drama in the school district housing market: Studying for the rise of housing prices

Comment: “Recently, school districts in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and other places ushered in a new round of skyrocketing prices. The old and small properties were sold at 320,000 per square meter, soaring by one million over three days. Yet poor market performances led housing prices to plummet… School district housing is breeding more and more absurdities. “The Communist Party is laughing while enslaving the people.

8. 21st Century Business Herald: China Fortune Happiness admitted for the first time that it is in deep trouble: 5.2 billion debts were overdue and only 800 million funds are available 

Comment: Not all companies can enjoy the “HNA service”. China Fortune Land Development participated in the construction of “Xiongan New District”, and its second largest shareholder is Ping An Group.

9. NTDTV’s tweet: “[Censored News] 30,000 people in quarantine, no announced end date to the lockdown, Beijing Daxing residents in shock. After Beijing Ronghui community,  Tiangongyuan Street,  Daxing District was upgraded to high-risk areas, at least a dozen surrounding communities were also locked down. Although by now the quarantine time has exceeded 14 days, not only the lockdown is not terminated, but there is also no clear information on how much longer the lockdown will be extended. Many residents of Tiangongyuan Street think that the government’s one-size-fits-all approach is lazy.

Comment: The CCP authorities are wielding their power at random, treating the people like animals, and ravaging them arbitrarily.

10. The former US Secretary of State tweeted: “Not only has the CCP destroyed millions of American jobs, but they’re behind the gates. They’re lobbying members of Congress. They’re working on our school boards and in city councils to try and change our way of life. We, along with our allies, must take the China threat seriously.”

Comment: Pompeo strongly criticizes the CCP, accusing it of hiding in the dark, infiltrating the US Congress, schools, etc., and changing the way of life in the West. We must unite with our allies to address the threat of the CCP.

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