The Chinese Communist Party’s Unrestricted Biological Warfare: Looking from A Key Overlooked Angle and Four Attack Possibilities

Author: Xingfffooo

In Dr. Yan Limeng’s two published reports, she thoroughly demonstrated that not only the CCP virus came from the CCP laboratory, but also defined it as a biological weapon from the CCP military in the aspects of science and intelligence. However, under CCP’s operations of full cover-up, obstruction, and slander, the two heavyweight reports have not provoked a unanimous worldwide awakening and counterattack. Because of the ignorance and cowardice cultivated by the long-standing political speculation among the politicians in most of the democracies, people overlooked the key steps to start the investigation of searching the evidence of the virus’ origin deep from the heartland of the CCP controlled areas.

There is no great politician or interest group that dares to risk wars forcing the CCP to open the door of Wuhan. WHO, in a recent collusion through a false investigation, bowed to CCP. After being bribed and seduced, WHO impatiently helped the CCP trying to escape the responsibilities. While the frauds and gimmicks are nothing new under the CCP’s control of the mainstream and social media, there are plenty of people bound to be fooled and budged views of the CCP, which provided more excuses for some politicians who want to collude with the CCP. Is the world helpless? Or do we have to succumb to the CCP for vaccines or antidotes?

No. There is also a key angle to identify the source of the virus and hold CCP accountable. Because the CCP virus is an unrestricted biological weapon, it must be released through a well-designed process. People even with limited medical knowledge know that the worldwide isolation measures, centralized treatment, social distancing, building ventilation, mask wearing along with other contagion prevention and control mechanisms have been mature and effective to prevent mass spread of the virus if it is in its natural state.

However, even under very strict national lockdown, widespread nucleic acid testing and increasing awareness of the need for personal protection, the pandemic does not slow down. Instead, it continues to spread rapidly over more population. What makes it more bizarre is the fact that, beyond the seasonal factor, the CCP virus can spread rapidly in both frigid and tropical regions indistinguishably. If it is not because of the CCP weaponizing the virus and plotting targeted release, how could the phenomenon happen?

Since investigations of the release of the CCP virus can be conducted in each country, the sideways approach has become an effective strategy to prove how evil the CCP is. Each country must then understand how the bioweapons are carried out by the CCP before investigations.

Spreading by Infected people

This is the method CCP used to start the virus propagating in Wuhan. In the early stages, the CCP took advantage of the flu season to circulate the virus around the world. They tried to cover up the speed of spreading and the severity of the symptom during the 2020 Chinese New Year holiday. Thanks to the early in time warning from Dr. Yan, the Lude Media, and the Whistleblower Movement, the first wave of attacks by the CCP not only underwent a big setback, but also caused severe concerns among the CCP’s low to middle level officials, forcing General Secretary Xi Jinping claimed the leadership of the plot.

Releasing through devices or material

While the CCP is developing new biological warfare agents, it is also bound to develop releasing devices and materials. The two can be cooperated with each other to carry out targeted attacks, achieving the goal of controlling the whole world through the virus economy. The virus releasing device can be a special low temperature spray device characterized by portability and ease of use and hide. The shape of the device can be like some common carry-on medical devices, briefcases, and backpacks; it even can be fully embedded in specially designed clothes, allowing the releasers to release it unwittingly and quickly when they walk around.

In addition, some of the cleaning materials that people often in contact with may also be used in the CCP’s biological warfare. Although the EPA has been updating its list of disinfectants or multi-purpose cleaners (now more than 420 available) that can disinfect the CCP virus, the CCP can still carry out covert attacks by replacing or mixing high-concentrated virus to produce fake cleaners, hand sanitizers, etc., when the CCP infiltrate into the cleaning company’s supply chain.

Releasing in public places

In developed countries with advanced health and epidemic prevention, the CCP may be more careful when releasing viruses to avoid being visible and detectable. To reduce traceability, the CCP may focus on high traffic public places to release the virus. It will not only avoid the outbreak in a specific population group that may cause the government agents’ vigilance and investigation, but also not be suspected and reported for the abnormal behavior of releasers. Therefore, airports, convenience stores, groceries, restaurants, elevators, and other public places became ideal places or facilities for releasing the viruses.

Generically, before a virus hijacks the host cells, the common characteristics are dry-resistant but not wet-resistant, cold-resistant but not heat-resistant, shade-tolerant but not light-tolerant; the CCP virus is no exception. The survival period of viruses on the surfaces of some common objects varies widely, with a maximum of seven days and still infectious. To achieve better attack with the virus, the CCP usually chose treated and smooth surfaced material that is not easy to absorb water vapor, such as stainless steel, plastic, wood and so on. Therefore, door handles, checkout desks, dining tables, carts, elevators, escalator handles, etc. are ideal releasing targets in public places.

Using Right People as Releasers

The use of biological weapons is difficult to control and improper use can endanger the releasers. The CCP may take three measures to address the limitations of this new biological weapon. First, the CCP has mastered the antidote to the virus or a preventive agent against high concentrations of the virus, which should exist in a releaser’s blood. Second, the releasers carry the highest level of protective masks, invisible gloves, and disinfectants to minimize infection. Third, using selected people who are innately immune to the CCP virus.

On February 6, Miles Guo warned the world in his Getter that, according to his sources, the CCP virus infection and mortality rates had both fallen after some countries cut back the contacts or stopped working together with the CCP. It proved the possibility of the presence of the CCP virus releasers, who carried secret chemicals and biological forces and disguises as businesspeople or diplomats. If the speculation is correct, the most likely time for a large number of troops or trained releasers was sent out is in 2019 before the outbreak of the pandemic.


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Editor: Mi John

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