Katyusha News Reference – February 8, 2021 (Monday)

Himalaya Moscow Katyusha (RU) Ladin

1. The BBC reported on Monday that there is a “very credible case” that the Chinese communistgovernment is carrying out the crime of genocide against the Uighur people, according to a formal legal opinion newly published in the UK. And, significantly, it says there is a credible evidence that Chinese President Xi Jinping is himself responsible for these crimes against humanity.

2. Indian media reported on February 8 that the Communist Party of China showed no sign of military downgrade in the Chinese-Indian Line of Actual Control (LAC) and there are extensive deployment of military wares, self-propelled howitzers and land-based missiles in three battle fronts. Under the situation of internal and external troubles, the Communist Party of China’s army will maintain a state of tension for a long time.

3. The Times reported on Monday (February 8) that HSBC has come under fire from an international coalition of senior politicians, ” Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China ” over its decision to freeze the bank accounts of Hong Kong democracy activist Ted Hui in Hong Kong.

4. When Pope Francis received diplomatic envoys to the Holy See on Monday at the Vatican Palace on New Year, he said that the consensus reached on October 22 last year on extending the interim agreement between the Vatican and China on the appointment of bishops was mainly “religious in nature”. At the same time, he said, “Remain on the road opened in a spirit of mutual respect and mutual trust and contribute to solving relevant problems involving common interests.” In view of the continuing human rights violations in the Communist Party, the agreement between the Vatican and the Communist China may shake the moral authority of the Holy See.

5. On the evening of February 8, Luckin Coffee announced that its previous settlement agreement with the SEC was approved by the court, agreeing to pay a civil penalty of $180 million to the SEC. 

6. Anhui, Gansu, Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and cities of the Communist Party of China recently again reported the cases of refusal to be enlisted into military and multi ministries coming out to enforce disciplinary measures. Lude Media previously analyzed that the shortage of military personnel will be a sign that an Empire is collapsing 

7. According to the official media report of the Communist Party of China, five departments, including the State Administration for Market Regulation, the Cyberspace Administration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport and the Fire and Rescue Department and Ministry of Emergency Management, jointly quizzed Tesla Automobile Company in Shanghai on the problems reported by consumers. Tesla issues a response with the communist mannerism saying that it sincerely accepted guidance and full self-examination. Outsiders believe that even if the Chinese -Communist Party authorities claim to completely open the country, they will use various carrot and stick” approach tocontrol foreign-funded enterprises for their own use. According to reports, Tesla’s revenue in the Communist China market exceeded $6.6 billion last year, an increase of 123.63% year-on-year.

8. The official media of the Communist Party of China recently reported that some owners in Hebei Province have announced the “delivery of houses” because they are unable to continue to repay the loan. Foreign scholars believe that this phenomenon is “the precursor of the total economic collapse of the Communist Party of China”. In the first half of 2020, the domestic household debt of the Communist Party of China increased by $380 billion, almost four times that of the United States.

The State’s  media recently reported that some homeowners in Hebei Province have announced that they are giving away their homes because they cannot afford to continue repaying their loans. Foreign scholars see this phenomenon as an ” early sign to a full-blown economic collapse in Communist China,” which has seen household debt grow by $380 billion in the first half of 2020, almost four times the rate of increase in the United States.

9. In response to politicians calling on athletes to boycott next year’s Beijing Winter Olympics, the Communist Party’s state media will threaten severe sanctions against any country that decided to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics.

10. Citizens entering Hong Kong with British passports “may be considered Chinese citizens by local authorities” and may not be entitled to consular assistance if arrested, the British Foreign Office warned Monday. Prior to this, the Communist Party suppressed opposition democrats and dissidents 

11. More than a dozen British universities have reportedly been investigated by the security department for their link to the Communist Party, which may violate British national security and human rights laws. The media exposed the cooperation between Cambridge University and the Chinese National Defense Science and Technology University, and the £5 million agreement signed between Imperial College London and Huawei.

12. Russia plans to hold joint naval exercises with Iran and Communist China in the Indian Ocean later this month, Russian media disclosed on Monday. The three countries held a similar naval exercise in the Indian Ocean in December 2019. The U.S. Navy confirms on Monday that the USS Roosevelt and USS Nimitz carrier strike groups conducted a joint exercise, the first dual-carrier operating in the busy waterway since July, as the Chinese Communist Party condemned the U.S. for undermining peace and stability.

13. The World Uighur Congress wrote to Johnson on the weekend, the new Genocide amendment allows a UK court to make a preliminary determination of genocide, accusing the Prime Minister of “spitting in the faces of Uighur survivors”.

This comes after a bipartisan group of parliamentarians tried to amend the British government’s Trade Act this week to add provisions to undermine trade agreements with any country whose British courts have found to have committed genocide

II. World News

1. Indian Prime Minister Modi spoke with U.S. President Biden on Monday, highlighting the importance of working with like-minded countries to ensure a rule-based international order, and inclusive Indo-Pacific region,” the communique reads.”. 

2. It was reported on Monday that the British government is appointing an independent adviser on political violence and destruction to investigate the influence of far-left extremists on the infiltration of organizations such as “BLM” and “subsequently developed sabotage”, especially communist ideas such as Marxism.

3. Reuters reported on Monday. North Korea, in violation of international sanctions, maintained and developed its nuclear ballistic missile program throughout 2020, and financed the campaign by stealing about $300 million through cyber hackers, according to a confidential UN report.

4. On the morning of February 9, members of EU Parliament plan to follow Australia’s example and compel Google, Facebook and other companies to pay for news, echoing a similar move in Australia. Earlier, Australia asked Google and Facebook to pay for news that has been aggregated for free in the past, which attracted dissatisfaction in Silicon Valley and global industry attention.

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