Highlights on Miles Guo’s Broadcast with MOS Himalaya New Year Gala on Feb 10th, 2021

Translators: GBWater, RD16, Rica Machioni(MOS Himalaya)

Proofreaders: Rica Machioni, GBWater (MOS Himalaya)

Chinese Transcripted by: Shuizhuyu (Italy Himalaya)

Chinese Complied: GForever (MOS Himalaya)

  1. In the past year, MOS Himalaya was the fastest growing Himalaya Farm, and was instrumental at a critical time in the Gengzi Thunderbolt year of “Take Down the CCP.” MOS takes action at a speed of thunder and lightning. The (New York) MOS Farm carries out tasks in a sweeping manner, and has set up an exemplary model for farms across the world in all aspects such as the swiftness in execution, efficiency of execution, quality of execution, uniting BIAs, speaking the truth, and getting real work done. Six months ago, our New Federal State of China (NFSC) was established. Our first and the hundredth National Flags were made during the very particular time, the pandemic lockdown, under Changdao’s [the leader of MOS] supervision. The flags came just in time for the Founding Day of our New Federal State of China. MOS has demonstrated a modern, efficient, and honest teamwork spirit, more importantly, the team does more than talking. I hope that MOS Himalaya will keep up the great work. With the expectation of all of our BIAs when we are entering the “deep water zone” of exterminating the CCP at this critical moment, MOS truly and silently represents gods’ will. It sincerely and truly follows all Buddhas and all gods, considers our BIAs as everything, and puts the quality and efficiency of the actions as the No.1 priority.  I hope that MOS will demonstrate greater achievements in the Xinchou Year of “Take down the CCP,” 2021, to our BIAs. I sincerely thank all the BIAs and family members of MOS for their contribution to the Whistleblower Movement (WM). Please carry on your venturous efforts that you put behind the scenes!
  1. Many people ignore the unprecedented phenomenon in the world right now. The phenomenon is that there is only one focus in global politics and the economy – the CCP.  All choices in politics and economy are unprecedentedly connected with the CCP.  The phenomena you see are fake, somehow they are not only fake but dangerous. Whether it’s Bitcoin, real estate, or today’s commodities, they are all related to the outcomes of the American conservatism, represented by President Trump, to stand up to and terminate the CCP in the past four years. Their actions showed everyone that the CCP’s “rolling-pin economy” is vulnerable to even a slight disturbance. When all the outcomes of the past four years spotlight on “Take down the CCP,” there emerges the Biden Administration that’s pro-CCP. This unbreakable, entangled, complex, personal, dark and various relationship with the CCP is abnormal. An abnormal relationship will definitely lead to abnormal phenomena, which will definitely deceive many unintelligent, less informed and brainwashed people. These people will pay the price of not only stupidity but also money, time, life and safety.
  1. “Year of the Gengzi” [occurs 60 years per cycle and brings natural disaster, wars and calamities according to Chinese astrologers], such as 2020, has always been a year of regime change in Chinese or even human history. This is a reincarnation that will bring a major change to humans. “Year of the Xinchou,” the following year after the 60-year cycle, has always been a turning point for politics and economy, with Boxer Protocol being one of the examples. What the big techs, mainstream media, wealthy capitalists, and dictators are doing is exactly the same as the crazy moments in 1942 during WWII and the years between 1933 and 1936. Humans, including members of our WM and NFSC, have set up the most important phase of the third defense to prevent the Third World War. In fact, everyone of us is experiencing the substantial WWIII in reality, called the “Unrestricted Warfare.” The past four years, especially last year when the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed, has demonstrated the CCP’s strategies in centralizing virtual currencies and manipulating the people using the 5-People Ruling Strategies by Lord Shang. [Lord Shang is infamous for being extremely cruel] The CCP dominates in politics and economy, enslaves and plunders people who have human rights, humanities, and beliefs in the world. And more importantly, [its implementation of the aforementioned strategies] may be the start of another genocide by the CCP, like the one it committed in Xinjiang.
  1. I believe that the Sino-US politics and economy are changing immensely every second. The US economy will weaken, and the Chinese economy will collapse. The possibilities of having localized warfare and widespread warfare are increasing. As the CCP achieves its ambition using the BGY [Blue-internet, Gold-money, and Yellow-sex] plan to world politics, there is a high possibility that it will implement the “double-dragon” plan to attack Taiwan. Afterwards, the world economy will consign to perdition. This is the epoch with fickleness, the law of jungle, and uncertainty. No politics and economy could hinder the economic collapse and the massacre in the Xinchou Year. Do not hearken to the words of certain economic scientists and those “experts” who were paid by the dictators, trust yourself.  I believe that the whole world will know about the Whistleblower Movement and NFSC in the end. Righteousness is the most selfless and powerful force in human history, it represents most people’s interests and appoints the future direction (of development). I believe that after a little while, 2021 will show you the outcome. 
  1. Regarding the question of investing in G-series or Bitcoin and questions alike, let me ask you a few questions, you will then figure out the answer by yourself. Which area would you want to invest in China, anything worthy? If you deposit in a bank, you may end up not being permitted to withdraw when you want. If you invest in a listed company, it may forbid you to buy or sell. If you invest in gold or silver, you cannot take it out. Other than being a slave, you have no other choice. What can you invest in foreign countries? The United States does not accept retail investors mostly, and there is no opportunity for retail investors, especially for the Chinese, 80% or 90% of Chinese can’t even open a bank account. You’ll have to go through a securities company in order to invest, which is very complicated. The capital market of the West is a place for monopoly and big money. In Britain and Japan, considering the language barrier, your capabilities, the amount of your wealth, the cost of investing, the cost of lawyers and accountants, all these may chew up almost half of your investment. Mostly, there is no possibility for you to score massive returns from investing in the Western markets. 

The best place for the Chinese to invest used to be Hong Kong. But can you even go to Hong Kong now? Russia, Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia are all under the control of the CCP now. The G-series is all across the world – the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Japan, Switzerland, France, Canada. What could be your risks when investing in G-series? Whenever our BIAs invest in our Himalaya Farms or the Alliance, Brother-Seven [Miles] has your back by endorsing it. If you invest in G-Clubs, you will get the card. If you invest in GTV, you’ll get the stocks honoured by the U.S. Why is the CCP so afraid of our G-Coin, G-Dollar? Whatever they are afraid of is what your heart shall desire. The G-series symbolizes the hope of the NFSC, the hope of all Chinese people, and it is the core force for us NFSC to take down the CCP!

  1. What is the basis of CCP’s economic growth? As long as the trade deficit between the U.S. and China does not exist – the deficit as an outcome of cheap labor like the Chinese low wage earners, nothing is sustainable in the long term in China. As China doesn’t have a real foundation of wealth, that is favorable and creativity-promoting productivity. China’s economy is a “crematorium” economy, a “there is no way out” economy. So, only the G-series will be your best choice! Many BIAs from MOS have invested in G-Series big time. You may already know very well that GTV is a miracle of the media world, while GNews is a miracle of all portals. Our Getter will definitely expand from Chinese communities to the world, replacing Twitter and Facebook. 

It is my strong belief that G-Coin, G-Dollar will be among the top-ranking cryptocurrencies. But this will not happen within a few months, not a year, rather, a few years.  They will ascend steadily tier by tier in the next few years. There hasn’t been anything like this in the investment world that your [brothers-in-arms’] money still remains intact after half a year, and yet the invested platform has grown so big. G-Fashion will definitely become a legend, and it is definitely not a joke. 

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