Western Media Think ‘It is OK’ to Doctor Evidence

In an interview after President Trump’s second impeachment hearing, Michael van der Veen, President Trump’s defense attorney, expressed his disgust at the host for implying that it is OK that the House Democrat doctored evidence presented at the hearing.

The example that van der Veen refers to the House Impeachment Manager changing the date of President Trump’s tweet from a year ago, to falsely prove a link between President Trump’s tweet and the violence at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

The entire impeachment argument run by the prosecutors are based on an edited video that interweaves President Trump’s speech to his supporters, and footage of the capitol being violently stormed. The use of some footage of Antifa breaching security was also included to attempt to show a link, for something that the Impeachment Manager was not able to prove.

Selective editing and false evidence sound too familiar for those who live in China. It is a common tactic used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in producing propaganda materials to be shown on TV to the Chinese people.

The fact that this is becoming “acceptable” to some people in the West, shows a dangerous trend. If this trend is allowed to continue, it will not take long for the US to turn into a Communist country like China.

Author: XO酱

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