2/15/2021 Financial News: Bank of China Issues First ‘Yulan’ Bond; The World’s Largest Chinese Equity Fund Cuts Moutai Holding

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1.Bank of China Issues First Yulan Bond

(Xinhua Net) The Bank of China recently completed the pricing of US $500 million Yulan overseas bond and registered with the Shanghai Clearing House, which is the first transaction after Shanghai Clearing House and Euroclear Bank announced the launch of the Yulan Bond business on Dec.8 last year. The so-called Yulan bond is a new asset class in Communist China, which aimed at linking Chinese issuers seamlessly with global investors.


2.The World’s Largest Chinese Equity Fund Cuts Moutai Holdings in January

(China Securities Journal) Following the reduction of Moutai in the fourth quarter of 2020 by the American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund, which holds the largest share of Moutai in the world, another heavyweight fund has also reduced its share of Moutai, namely UBS Group AG’s UBS Lux Equity Fund – China Opportunity USD, which is the world’s largest Chinese equity fund. The reporter checked the data on February 14 and found that as of the end of January, Kweichow Moutai was the fund’s fifth largest long position, with a market value of $816 million held by the fund. Compared with the end of 2020, the fund’s holdings in Kweichow Moutai decreased by 3.66%.


3.“Leftover men” Can’t Afford the High Cost of Marriage in Rural Communist China

(Xinhua Net) During the Spring Festival, many men of marriage age face inquiries from relatives and friends, such as “Have you found your love? When are you getting married?” Recently, reporters visited Shanxi, Henan, Hunan and other places and found that many rural single men above the median age of first marriage are more “embarrassed” when facing these questions. In some rural areas, the cost of car, houses, and bride price and others surprisingly soared to millions of yuan, marriage has become a heavy burden for some families.


4.Shares of Hillhouse Capital and Greenwoods are Exposed, and Pinduoduo is the First Largest Holding Stock

Recently, Hillhouse Capital and Greenwood Asset Management announced to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about the position of U.S. stocks at the end of 2020. It is worth noting that the two largest holdings are Pinduoduo, 14.45% and 26.13% of the total portfolio respectively.


5.The Hong Kong Financial Secretary Said That The Government’s Fiscal Budget Deficit Will Hit a Record High in New Yea

(Xinhua) On Feb. 14, Mr.Paul Chan, the current financial secretary of Hong Kong, said in a radio program that the government’s budget for the new year will be released soon, and the fiscal budget deficit for the new year will be the highest in history, with preliminary estimates of HK$300 billion ($38.7 billion).


6.Canadian Regulator Clears Launch of World’s First Bitcoin ETF

(Reuters) On Feb. 12, Canada’s main securities regulator has cleared the launch of the world’s first bitcoin exchange traded fund, an investment manager said on Friday, providing investors greater access to the cryptocurrency that has sparked an explosion in trading interest. In the United States, eight firms have tried without success since 2013 to create a bitcoin ETF, according to Todd Rosenbluth, director of ETF and mutual fund research at New York based CFRA.

7.Nikkei Back Above 30,000 After More Than Three Decade

(Reuters) – Japan’s Nikkei share average rose above the 30,000 level for the first time in more than 30 years on Monday, as it regained the ground lost during decades of economic stagnation. The last time the Nikkei traded above 30,000 was Aug. 3, 1990, and the average hit all-time high on Dec.29, 1989 with 38,957.


By 【Financial Team – Rosy Cloud】

News Collection: Totoro 、文罡、Sharon、Rosy Cloud

Proofreading: Tracy

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