2/16/2021 Financial News: Alibaba Stock Facing Liquidation, Huawei Launches “Smart Pig-raising”

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1.Alibaba was liquidated by some institutions

On February 13, Communist China’s well-known private equity firms Hillhouse Capital Group and Jinglin Assets announced their position of US stocks as of the end of the fourth quarter. Hillhouse liquidated Alibaba in the fourth quarter while Alibaba was once the fourth largest holding stock of Hillhouse Capital at the end of the third quarter last year, holding 4.04 million shares. According to the position data disclosed by Jinglin Assets, it also significantly reduced their holdings of Alibaba, shrinking from 1.223 million shares at the end of the third quarter to 380,000 shares at the end of the quarter last year.


2.Huawei launches “smart pig-raising”, “Nanniwan” plan surfaced

Recently, Huawei’s computer vision department president Duan aiguo exposed the news that they have launched a smart pig-raising solution. The development direction of the breeding industry is digital, intelligent and unmanned.

It is understood that this pig-raising system provides dashboard monitoring, big data analysis, digital management, supports of AI recognition, AI learning, AI prediction, AI decision-making, etc., and through standardization and programming to achieve full-sensing monitoring, robot Inspection and automatic/remote control. Duan Aiguo said that Huawei’s computer vision department should focus on smart pig-raising, and the solutions have already been completed. It is necessary to perceive everything with the eye of wisdom, and AI will enable the intelligent upgrade of pig-raising.


3.Two provinces have taken the lead in announcing a pension increase

There are two types of pensions in Communist China: one is the basic pension insurance for urban workers, and the other is the basic pension insurance for rural residents. This time the initial adjustment is targeting the latter.

Jiangsu and Shandong provinces have taken the lead in announcing a pension increase. The specific increase is as follows: The minimum standard of basic pensions in Jiangsu was raised from 163 yuan to 170 yuan per month, and the minimum standard of basic pensions in Shandong was raised from 180 yuan to 190 yuan per month.

Comments: Jiangsu and Shandong basic pension growth are 7 yuan and 10 yuan per month respectively, or 4.3% and 5.5%, ostensibly higher than the official CPI 2.5%. However, compared to pork prices rise of 49.7% year-on-year in 2020, this pension increase is just nothing and people’s livelihood is worrying!


4.Communist China pushes its digital RMB

From 21:00 on February 10 to 24:00 on February 17, the winners of the Beijing Digital RMB Red Packet can make their consumption in designated merchants of Wangfujing business district or Jingdong App. 

It’s noticed that Bank of China, China Postal Savings Bank launched digital RMB visual card called “hard wallet”. Staff of the bank told reporters that many ATMs were labeled “digital RMB” offered deposit and withdrawal functions.


5.Court offers up to 50 million yuan reward for debt collection

Recently, a notice from the Jinhua court has once again attracted outside attention that Yu Yunxin and Zhou Xiaoguang, the major shareholders of Shin Kong Holding Group which was once the top in the jewelry industry of Communist China, are facing 508 million debt.

The court offers a reward that if a clue provided by the informant proves true and actual performance is done, the informant can receive a reward of up to 50 million yuan.


6.Scott Morrison declares that “One Belt, One Road” has no benefit to Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has claimed Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative agreement with CCP has no benefits and could be ripped up in a matter of weeks.

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews signed a memorandum in 2018 with CCP relating to its mega, $1.5 trillion ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy, but the deal – which would have given CCP’s funding and control of key Victorian infrastructure – came under heavy criticism.

Andrews, and other state premiers and chief ministers, must detail to the Commonwealth all agreements made with foreign powers by March 10, which will then be assessed by the Federal Government.


7.Germany wants to work closely with Biden Administration

Germany wants Europe and the United States to strengthen transatlantic ties with a trade deal to abolish industrial tariffs, a WTO reform to increase pressure on Communist China and a joint carbon-emission trading system to protect the climate.

Peter Beyer, transatlantic coordinator for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government, said in an interview published on Monday that Germany and the new U.S. administration under President Joe Biden should “think big” and aim for an ambitious agenda based on shared values and focused on joint interests.


By 【Financial Team – Tracy】

News Collection: 文罡、Wendy、Tracy

Proofreading: 小蚂蚁在行动

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