CCP Aircraft Frequently Disturb Taiwan on New Year’s Day, Tsai Ing-wen: National Army To Maintain Combat Readiness at All Times

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Taiwan takes 7 days of annual leave for the Lunar New Year. President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-wen said on Facebook on February 16, “There is no holiday for national defense, thanks to the brothers and sisters of the national army who stood firm at their posts during New Year’s Eve, they are always maintaining combat readiness.”

During the New Year period in Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) dispatched two military aircraft to disturb Taiwan on the 13th, followed by a CCP transport 8 anti-submarine aircraft to intrude into Taiwan’s southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on the 15th, which was responded to by the Taiwan Air Force by dispatching air patrol troops, broadcasting repulsions, and chasing and monitoring anti-aircraft missiles.

Tsai Ing-wen said on the 16th, these days in everyone’s peace of mind holiday at the same time, the army, navy and air force units, there are still officers and soldiers remain. “These hardworking brothers and sisters of the national army, working in shifts day and night, pay attention to the dynamic changes in the airspace and sea border around Taiwan, and also maintain combat readiness at all times.”

During the New Year period, she went to different units of the Air Force, Navy and Army to console the officers and soldiers, Tsai said. We also look forward to the new year, “We can all continue to attach importance to national defense and support the national army, and we can unite together to ensure the peace and security of our homeland!”


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