G-Clubs’ Event Has Huge Impact, G-Fashion Will Be the Biggest Innovation in the World

In the second Getter video posted on February 15, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo shared his great happiness for the fellow fighters who won the lottery at the annual event of G-Clubs. He also envisioned a great future for G-Fashion.

Yesterday’s G-Clubs lottery drawing had huge impact! Especially for those with a brain, what does it mean? Everyone knows it really well. We want to nourish people, people with a conscience, and give them more opportunities. We should allow them to live a more decent life, especially… Well, there is something that I can’t say due to legal concerns. It is said that there will be bigger events and more high-end events next, which will be very interesting. 

I am very very happy. I was really the happiest when I saw my fellow fighters get such happiness, hopes and opportunities. I didn’t sense it before, but now I feel it more intimately. Seriously, when you do something willingly, not for yourself but for others, and feel extremely happy, that kind of feeling is really what the Buddhist says. It really is… it’s better than the coolness of dharma joy, it should be a flawless, true, inner, lotus joy and a great happiness. It’s that kind of pleasure that can’t even be expressed, especially yesterday when witnessing these fellow fighters winning those stuff. 

You can’t see my shoes. These shoes are so awesome. So awesome, these shoes! It’s so important, especially when I heard that the prize won by this brother or sister in arms can change the fate of his/her family. It’s so important, considering that they are in mainland China.

Look at my “golden rooster stand”, not bad, right? Brothers and sisters? Wow, I found that my kung fu is not bad. My leg skills now are still as good as the old days, and I can still fight. This leg is not as strong as the other leg, have you seen that? This leg hurts and is not as strong as the other leg. Have you seen? Wow! Well, my G-Fashion pants are cashmere. They are so great, so great, warm and nice, and very comfortable. So brothers and sisters, I hope everyone can be like Miles and find the kind of unique happiness and joy. Very very happy, very very comfortable.

I did not expect that yesterday’s G-Clubs annual event would have such a big impact. So many organizations reached to us, hoping to cooperate with us. G-Fashion will take at least one year or two to mature, and at least one year or two years to form a worldwide sale network. It is just taking off now, still with loopholes, shortcomings and challenges everywhere, and still need integration. 

But G-Fashion has its own uniqueness, its unique value, which has already been seen by everyone. The uniqueness of G-Fashion and especially what it has brought to the entire fashion world, and the entire fashion world in the future… the biggest problem faced by the fashion world is the conflict between quality and price and material. Also the artistry of the design is a challenge faced by all brands. I think G-Fashion will be the biggest innovation in the world. I believe it will go very, very far, and fly very, very high, and be very successful. Thank you! Thank you, brothers and sisters. I won’t talk more. Thank you! I’m going to work, to a meeting. 

(The above translation and content are the view of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of GNEWS or others.)

Video source: https://gtv.org/getter/602ab7e8226e775907444644 (3:33-end)

Acknowledgement: Thanks to Caihongqiao for making the Chinese transcript available at https://gnews.org/zh-hans/909749/ 

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