Lude Times Brief 2021.02.12 Evening:CGTN has also been taken off the air in Germany

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Harvard published an article attacking Dr. Yan

Harvard Kennedy School of Government lecturer Joan Donovan PhD wrote an article attacking Dr. Yan’s report as a conspiracy theory, describing Dr. Yan’s report before and after, but omitting all key elements and completely failing to express what has been verified about the Jan. 19 program or what Dr. Yan specifically said. She attacked zenodo, which published Dr. Yan’s report, for not being a peer-reviewed platform and not being published on a so-called official platform. She also implied that Dr. Yan helped Trump say that the virus was the fault of the CCP, saying that Dr. Yan’s Twitter account was blocked to create a second account for tactical adjustments. What is worse, the GAB app used by Dr. Yan has been described as a common platform for white supremacist conspiracy theories. In addition, Miles Guo and Mr. Bannon behind the attack on Dr. Yan are right-wing media with a very strong political background. They used Dr. Yan to achieve political goals during the epidemic. These contents are obviously speaking for the CCP, not in a positive debate on the scientific level, but forcibly linked with politics to label Dr. Yan’s revelations as a conspiracy theory.

Left media Washington Post stood up for for Dr. Yan on the front page

Based on the Harvard article attacking Dr. Yan, this Washington Post article stated many of Dr. Yan’s arguments. Although it is said that the zenodo website is being used as a tool for false propaganda, but again to disguise neutrality expresses many of Dr. Yan’s arguments. Compared with the New York Times, the media did not release Dr. Yan’s conversation or tampered with Dr. Yan’s revelations, the Washington Post at least put Dr. Yan’s words in their original form. Dr. Yan said that the Washington Post reporter interviewed Dr. Yan with sincerity and wrote down the key points of their conversation. It clearly stated that Dr. Yan did not reject CNN but asked CNN to provide live broadcasts so as not to mislead others. The reason for not being able to vote in peer-reviewed magazines was because the CCP blocked it, and that Dr. Yan was an author who published Nature and The Lancet.

USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is being equipped with Boeing Bell V-22

The Carl Vinson can be equipped with this transport aircraft mainly because the cabin is large and wide enough to fit the F135 engine of the F35 fighter. Today’s first successful experiment saw a complete set of F135 engines transported smoothly by a Boeing Bell V-22 Osprey transport aircraft to an aircraft carrier. This is a very important event, which marks the completion of the logistics and all preparations for the entire F35C aircraft carrier, soon the Carl Vinson will carry F35 fighters on Pacific-bound operational readiness duty.

CGTN has also been taken off the air in Germany

CGTN was taken off the air in Germany after British regulators pulled its license. According to the European Convention on Transfrontier Television, TV stations have the right to broadcast to other signatory countries as long as they have applied for a broadcasting license in one of the countries. The CGTN license was applied for in the UK, so it was taken off the air in Germany after being taken off the air in the UK, and now the suspension of the CCP’s foreign propaganda is starting to fester in Europe.

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