Lude Times Brief 2021.02.13 Evening:Trump acquitted in impeachment trial

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Trump acquitted in impeachment trial

The impeachment of President Trump finally came to an official end. The final vote was 57 to 43. Congress failed to impeach and President Trump was not guilty. Trump’s statement means that it will soon return to the public eye, and republican party bigwig Lindsey Graham will discuss the future of the republican party with Trump in a comprehensive manner. In what way Trump will return next, there must be major events. Trump has been silent for so long since January 20, and what he is waiting for is today. President Trump became the first president in American history to be impeached twice but unsuccessfully. Seven republican senators voted in favor of the impeachment of President Trump, including the establishment’s Mitt Romney and others. They did not hesitate to impeach President Trump together with the Democrats across parties, which shows the extent to which the establishment hates and scorns President Trump. The public opinion of 75 million and the truth of the matter doomed this impeachment to be unsuccessful. A successful impeachment would mean the following: First, President Trump will no longer be able to receive the intelligence reports that the outgoing president should receive, including reports from the Intelligence Committee and the Director of National Intelligence. Second, he cannot hold future federal positions. Third, he will lose the security and other treatment provided by the Secret Service. The future of the Republican Party depends more on the support of public opinion behind President Trump. This vote can also reflect how many people in the Republican Party President Trump are willing to stand up for him. McConnell has also essentially lost his influence and has run out of political capital, which is an important sign.

President Trump issued a long statement in response to impeachment

Moments after the vote, President Trump issued a statement praising his legal team and thanking senators and other members of Congress “for their pride in the Constitution we all hold dear and the sacred legal principles at the heart of our nation. President Trump said, “This is another phase of the biggest witch hunt in the history of our country. No president has ever experienced anything like it.” This statement reveals that President Trump is fully loaded and will definitely ride the wave of victory. He will continue to uphold the idea of populism with greater force and determination. The statement concluded, “We have much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision of a bright, brilliant and beautiful infinite future. Together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.”

Will Trump set up a new party? Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of establishing a new party

President Trump declared to the public that he would not form his own new political party before the outcome of the impeachment case, and now that the impeachment case ended in failure, President Trump may also form a new political party. The advantages of establishing a new party are that it does not need to participate in internal Republican Party elections and can directly run for president in 2024; it does not need to control the Republican Committee; and it can establish an efficient and transparent organization. But the disadvantages are also very obvious. This will split the Republican Party’s support votes; he has to re-establish the system in 50 states and so on. President Trump has saved the Republican Party for four years. Forming a new party by himself will definitely change the election ecology of the United States and challenge the old electoral system. The Republican Party lost seats in the House and Senate after the 2020 election and has little political legacy left. If President Trump forms a new party, he can first try to contest the 2022 House and Senate midterm elections, and then choose to work with the Republican Party if he fails. The 2020 midterm elections are a watershed. President Trump has two ways to use his influence to change the Republican Party or re-establish a new party. Since 2016, President Trump has gathered the power of populism and conservatism to become an indispensable force among conservatives. The most important thing facing Trump now is the 2022 midterm elections, and taking seats in the House and Senate is a priority. In the end no matter which way President Trump goes, only his support will be decisive for the Republican Party and conservative forces.

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