Estonian Intelligence Warns Against ‘Beijing-Led Muted World’, CCP Asks for Revised Report but Is Denied

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Estonia’s Foreign Intelligence Service published its annual report “International Security and Estonia 2021” on Feb. 17. The report paints a picture of China trying to silence criticism and dominate key technologies in Estonia and other democracies.

The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service devotes nine pages at the end of the 82-page document to describing “the increasing pressure from the Chinese Communist Party”. According to the report, “Implementing the CCP’s foreign policy doctrine, or building a ‘community of common destiny,’ will lead to a world of silence dominated by the CCP. Faced with a growing confrontation with the West, the Chinese Communist Party’s main goal is to create a split between the United States and Europe.”

The section of the report on the CCP highlights the CCP’s growing ability to conduct influence operations in the West through economic leverage, surveillance of citizens abroad, and cultivation of local elites. The report also warned that the CCP leadership “has a clear goal of making the world dependent on Communist technology,” citing 5G maker Huawei and the BeiDou navigation system.

The CCP’s criticism of the report and its request to revise it was rejected by Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu.

Source: VOA

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