Czech Cardinal Calls COVID-19 Biological Weapon

Author: Dolores Posted by: Gravitationalwave

Recently, Ominik Duka, cardinal at the Roman Catholic Church and the 36th Arch Bishop of Prague, believes coronavirus is a biological weapon and that the military knows about it. 

He said:“This coronavirus situation reminds Christians of what we fear the most. What are we following the most? The number of deaths… In this situation, the worst is the Chinese virus, a biological weapons leak. All military specialists around the world are convinced of this, and they’re either too afraid to say it or they’re just not allowed…For Christians, this is the same situation as before; We must cross the threshold of death. Just like after birth when we ended up in our mother’s arms, we will end up in God’s arms.”

Although Bishop Duka still used words such as “chinese virus “and “leak “in this speech, the definition of the virus itself as a biological weapon is undoubtedly a deeper understanding of the CCP virus.

In fact, as early as the last year, Dr. Yan LiMeng’s second scientific paper pointed out that the CCP virus meets the standards of biological weapons mentioned by Dr. Yang RuiFu, a doctor of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences:

1. It is very toxic and can cause cause a lot of casualties .

2. It is highly contagious and easily spread, usually in the form of aerosol through the respiratory tract. The most dangerous situation is that it can be spread from person to person.

3. It has strong resistance to environmental changes, can withstand transportation, and can support targeted delivery.

As of February 2, 2020, more than 110 million people have been infected with the CCP virus, and more than 2.44 million people have died. These data are sufficient to prove that the CCP virus meets the first and second standards of biological weapons.

At the same time, the CCP virus continues to mutate around the world. There are many mutant virus strains around the world, and the infectivity and lethality of the mutant strains have increased significantly. This proves that the CCP virus meets the third standard of biological weapons and has strong environmental adaptation capabilities These also prove that the CCP virus is not a natural source, but a biological virus developed by the CCP laboratory and adapted to the human body and various environmental conditions.

The biological weapons released by the CCP to the world may exist around each of us. Dr. Yan LiMeng and the Whistleblower Movement has issued a warning to the world that if the governments and people around the world do not ask the secrets of the virus, If the CCP is not held responsible for the coronavirus, All of us may die under CCP’s biological weapons.

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