[February 5, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (3rd)

Translator:Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) – Mike Li & Yanbohaomiao

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) - Liberter

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[February 5, 2021] Video translation

Wow ~ ah I just went upstairs wearing a mask. Look at my face, the skin is so sensitive.

Right after the last getter was uploaded, I went to the office to meet our fellow fighters who work in our embassy. I was very excited. Wen Jia said: “Mr. Guo, we have to quickly take down the communist party. They are too crazy. I feel so bad”. She had tears in her eyes. The VOG harmed too many fellow fighters. Then I went upstairs to meet with a few iron-heart men in the GTV project (team). When I saw them, I nearly cried. They said that all kinds of intelligence information related to VOG was leaked to the CCP by the nine-finger demon (Sara), and fellow fighters in mainland China were threatened and summoned for “tea time” with the police.

And then, this morning until now, I have received various messages from different farms. The messages are basically from people who have been asked to “tea time” with the police, have been restricted, and threatened in the past two or three weeks, such as a fellow fighter from a Himalaya farm who sent me a message this morning about six of his family members who were taken away. The reason they were arrested was because he was volunteering at VOG.

So, there is a huge price that many people have paid for their naivety over these two or three weeks. This is the Whistleblowers Movement. The New Federal State of China will have to go through this, and this is the price we must pay. We have to distinguish true from false, good from evil. Of course, now I am guilty, because our fellows believe the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China. They believe me, your seventh brother. Because of seventh brother’s endorsement, they believed Sara and so the turtle-head Yang, Jonathan, Linghu, this gang of liars appeared.

Even now, they are spouting propaganda. They said that even if you have to go to the communist police station to “drink tea”, state security will treat you well and will not hurt you. Well, once you go, you find out it is all lies. Now they are saying that all the fellows are rich. Rich people need to write a will. Your will gives the inheritance to me (Sara). Sara’s will, in turn, gives the inheritance to her son.

Many people have to pay the price for this. I feel so sorry. Again, I am sorry. But the ability of fellow fighters to distinguish between true and false, good and evil needs to be strengthened. We definitely need to “polish our eyes”. We pay the price for our lack of ability in distinguishing between true and false. The price we paid in the last three weeks is the evidence. Who dares to do evil in broad daylight? There will always be someone to settle the debt with you.

Yesterday, the Rothschild family hosted a party. Some guys who attended that party told me that French President Macron came to attend that private party as a guest. The only topics at the dinner were the communist virus, and the American election.

Macron, as a French president, was demanding that these conversations could not be made public. At the end, he said: “we were tricked by the communists! I was fooled by the CCP about the vaccine and the virus. After being fooled by them, we still have to swallow the pain. But we will definitely take revenge for this”. This is the truth. You communists can be rude for a while to deceive people, to play with people, just like the nine-finger demon did. But revenge will definitely be inflicted. You are bound to pay.

When people asked Macron about the results of the U.S. presidential election, he said, of course it was collusion between people inside the U.S. and the Communist Party which led to the stealing of the election. He said that in the end they must not succeed. No matter how close to the Communist Party you are, it is a critical matter. This is a matter of right and wrong, a matter of false and truth, a matter of good and evil.

What just happened touched me. Our fellows Wen Jia and Wen Xiao are from the Phoenix base. They are also victims. They are people who personally experienced the VOG and Phoenix incident and chaos, and they are very, very good people. Many of these engineers here were the ones who were chased by Sara every day in the past. She falsely accused them of being communist agents.

Now these extremely strong people have tears in their eyes. Too many people were victims of persecution.  I believe that many friends know and feel the same way. The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China experienced this accident. It is actually a good thing. It will allow more fellows to find themselves, exercise their own heart, and improve their ability to distinguish between truth and falsity, good and evil. At the same time brothers and sisters, never forget that the greater gain for us is to see this ugliness and sinister behavior of the Communist Party.  Exposing the CCP is definitely not a bad thing for the Whistleblowers Movement and the New Federal State of China. But the sad thing is that many of the domestic fellow fighters paid the price. I am very sorry, very sorry.

True fellow fighters will never leave, and false fellow fighters will leave when they experience ups and downs. It is also an inevitable phenomenon. Our fellows in mainland China need to keep in touch with us if you need anything, and try to keep the evidence when it’s safe. Remember, the Whistleblowers Movement, the new Federal State of China and your brother Miles will definitely avenge your loss. We will not give up on anybody, or abandon anybody.

Time to say goodbye. Not bad, not bad, I am feeling good.

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm  (TING GUO)

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