The United States Is NOT Invincible

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• On Wednesday, Sen. Tom Cotton released the report , titled “Beat China: Targeted Decoupling and the Economic Long War.”

o The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC), a business-oriented U.S. lobbying group, immediately responded to Sen. Cotton by saying, “Decoupling from China would hurt American businesses.”

o Mr. Lu De believes that the leftists in the U.S. government can refute the claims made in Senator Cotton’s report by simply listing data on Americans’ unemployment rate, the economy, climate change, Etc.

• According to Mr. Lu De, a recent report issued by the Heritage Foundation, referring to Yan’s reports, concluded that a tougher stance should be taken against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

• Mr. Lu De encourages Dr. Yan Limeng to work harder on the theoretical foundation of CCP’s War 5.0. “Americans, like the ancient Romans in “The Eternal City,” now still believe that the United States is invincible,” he said, “They must be aware immediately that the United States is now under attack by CCP’s unrestricted biological weapons.”

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