Peter Daszak Has a Conflict of Interest in Becoming the WHO Inspector in the Wuhan COVID-19 Probe

Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf, Jojo

• Today, Dr. Yan Limeng posted an email on her Twitter between Peter Daszak and world-renowned scientist Rita Colwell, who served as the 11th Director of the National Science Foundation.

o Peter Daszak was asking for nominating him for membership of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) from Rita and told her his nomination would be supported by several of his colleagues, including Director of the China CDC George Fu Gao and Chair Professor of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) Malik Peris, who also directed the WHO H5 Reference Laboratory at HKU.

o Dr. Yan’s husband was a close associate of Malik Peris, who often described Peris as a sociopath and serial killer.

o Because of their close relationship, Peter Daszak must know about the outbreak and origin of the CCP virus last year for a long time. He definitely has a conflict of interest to become the WHO inspector in the Wuhan COVID-19 probe.

o Dr. Yan knows all the dark secrets of Malik Peris, such as:

a. There is a secret lab at UHK that only two people, including Malik Peris, are allowed to use.

b. Malik Peris rented a freezer outside to store the virus samples.

c. He has been conducting research on the West Nile virus.

o Did anyone ever wonder where this email came from? Dr. Yan brought out a lot of classified documents from Hong Kong on the CCP virus, HKU lab and Malik Peris. Mr. Lu De mocks that all those people who got mentioned in this email must be freaking out by now.

o Without Dr. Yan coming forward with the truth, the CCP would have succeeded in ruling the world this time.

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