Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on February 15th, 2021

Translation: Himalaya London Royal Club – PollyEsther
Proofreading: Himalaya London Royal Club – Bluesky

  1. 00:16:20 Yesterday, we had the first New Year celebration within G-Club. We will have this meeting twice every year from now on, with 10 top prizes of 10,000 dollars, 5 prizes of BMW and 750 gifts from G-Fashion. The lucky draw yesterday involved G-Club members, G-Fashion management and design team, the lawyer team, and the governmental department; the government’s rules were determined by the government, communicated through lawyers, and carried on a closed social media platform. No matter whether you took part yesterday or not, all those with a membership number were enrolled in the lucky draw, even including those whose money got reutrned. If you won a prize, you need to pay the original fee for the G-Club membership first. We don’t get involved in anything related to the lucky draw, as these need to be dealt by companies assigned by the government. The lucky draw yesterday was unprecedented in the hundres of years of Chinese history. The CCP was never seen to treat the people with transparency and fairness, not to mention letting them participate in lucky draws of international standards under transparency and fairness. The annual lucky draw next year will start with at least 30 prizes for immigration, not exclusively from memberships of 50 thousand dollars. We might also have Rolls-Royce for the car prizes next time. Anyone could win the big prize and change their lives. It’s not the CCP’s privilege to live with dignity and wealth.
  2. 00:21:20 “The White Tiger” is a movie that is mostly associated with socialism and communism of the CCP, and with freedom, religion, law, and democracy that we Whistleblower Movement is pursuing. Let’s talk about religion first. The protagonist Balram wears costumes in different colors from the beginning till the end, from blue, yellow to green and red. In India, 80% of the population believes in Hinduism. Its caste system categorizes its people into four categories. India is a country of both heaven and hell, ruled by foreign forces for thousands of years. The CCP, on the other hand, is all hell and no heaven because it only speaks nonsense. Whether it being true democracy or not, India actually holds elections. There is not even one peasant uprising in India after so many years, not any scalable resistance anyway. It is super corrupted but still called the biggest democratic country in the world. There are only two surnames in India, one of the rich and one of the poor.
    Blue is the color of royalty, yellow one of peasants, green the one of slaves, and red the one of violence. Why is Buddhism eradicated in India? Because religion is the mental therapy of the poor, the tool used by the rich. Buddhism is a way of making money and also a political tool. Hence, the strange chicken coop societal effect arises from India: eat as much as you can within the coop, even though your peers are being killed.
  1. 00:50:50 The Indian economy of more than a billion population is only a fraction of China’s. Despite that, only 5% of the Indian population controls the wealth for everyone else. Its national defense is lacking; even with a nuclear weapon, it will still be defeated quickly and tragically without the help of the U.S. This race has been ruled by foreign countries for thousands of years, but as soon as they violate its religions the people will fight with their lives.
    This is India, a paradoxical race. Indians don’t believe in banks and governments; they store a large quantity of gold and cash with extremely closed circulation. The growth of India’s economy is very fast, and its culture is absolutely more advanced than China’s. Its credibility with its neighboring countries is far better than China too. The political leader of the opposing party in India, Swaraj, is a supporter of this movie.
  1. 00:58:40 Since Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan became China’s leaders, they all wanted to take down India peacefully. Ninety percent of the problems at the border of China and India have already been solved before Singh. Therefore the CCP has really taken the advantage. However, it lost a lot at the border with Russia because the CCP will always be the fraud that fears the powerful and bullies the weak.
    From this movie, we can see the penetration of the CCP in the world. One item of the 13579 plan is to manipulate and influence elections in India through economics, bribery and frauds, and its political families. The theme of this movie and the most important message throughout the movie was what Wen Jiabao once said – the white people’s time is over. And this is the theme of today. I personally experienced this in Africa and many countries that the CCP always says the same thing: white people are the actual disaster of the world. Your troubles are brought by the colonial culture of white people. We are together, the victims. This is the smartest move in the mankind and the biggest damage to the U.S from the CCP. Sadly Americans are not alerted at all! The core of this movie is that there is a true origin to every sentence said in it.
  1. 01:07:10 The white tiger, climbing from the lowest caste to the highest, wants to kill and concludes that socialism is the right way. He was also saying white people are coming to their end. Don’t forget that the leading male and female characters were educated in New York, U.S. When they were opposing corruption in India, the lady was the only one who awakens him and asks him to be himself. Before he got killed, he eventually made peace with India’s corrupted and elite system and couldn’t accept equal rights in America. Therefore, the conclusion was that India is powerful, and white people are done. The future belongs to the brown skin and the Chinese. All the hidden metaphors point to the Chinese. The moviemaker is one that knows China very well.
  2. 01:10:36 The CCP’s gangster-like behavior, its threat to humanity, and the fall of the west are incredibly horrendous. How could Netflix broadcast such a movie that praises the CCP? My understanding of resistance after seeing the movie was a huge inspiration for our Whistleblower Movement. Without the CCP in China, can the Chinese walk into a new era of civilization?
    Can the Chinese enter an age of law and order and morality? I don’t think any other human race runs a stronger caste and tier system in their blood more than the Chinese. Indians are at least happier than the Chinese. They can at least lead a rural life, become religious and worship their Gods. Any religion, even Taoism. The CCP won’t allow you to build so many temples so that they put you in pain, but you can’t treat it yourself. You are the CCP’s best friend when they need you, but they will kick you to the curb when they have no use of you. Because there is no true believers among the Chinese people, only worship towards wealth, showing off and competing with others without compassion.
  1. 01:20:35 The protagonist in the movie, as a slave, wanted to fight against the journey from poor to rich. Without true believes ever, he found a reason to comfort himself even when killing people. Like Lu Xun once said, when slaves become the new masters, they will be even scarier than the old masters. We are not slaves but only ordinary people.
    The protagonist was born a slave, thinking that he had escaped from the chicken coop whilst in fact, he already fell into a forever hell. He had his hopes for communism and socialism. Can you imagine India, such a large country, to be like this? The impacts of the CCP virus and its largely advocated caste and tier system upon the world are beyond imagination. Today’s America is looking more like a loser as the catastrophic consequence of prejudice, money, greed, and loss of faith. The CCP has asked the rest of the world to target the white minority and start a global racial war with white people as its bullseye.
  1. 01:23:30 Slaves in India don’t look up to ordinary Chinese people but to the leaders in the CCP. Take another look at any countries in Africa and Asia. The caste system and classism of the CCP and its subtle nudge to blame on white people are launching the real global war in humanity. This is a war against the white! Nobody dares to speak up so here I am. One belt one road of 2015 will move manufacturing industries around the world to China; in 2025, China and the U.S will split the world; in 2035 China’s GDP will surpass that of U.S and become top of the world; by 2049 U.S will be eliminated on the premises of ‘white elimination’. The ‘white elimination’ plan’s killer move is to use virtual currency to take down U.S dollar and viruses to take down white people. The viruses next mark the start of white elimination. Remember what I said today in the live stream!
  2. 01:30:10 The darkness has arrived. Mark my words today. From its author, this movie to its director demonstrated the white elimination plan that the CCP is going to execute in the world. India will definitely cooperate with the CCP on digital currencies because the power of bribery and frauds of the CCP in India is way too strong. The white elimination plan aims to eliminate your wealth, humanity, and your religion. The CCP will eradicate your faith and replace it with communism. It will make itself your God. The west and Europe now is not appeasement but traitors. The CCP wants to eliminate white people, but it means eliminating your money and turning it into digital currencies and eliminating your religion, and making you believe in communism. As simple as that! The world is not only in darkness, but in grave danger. People like the protagonist, Balram, are everywhere. All the caste and tier systems are enforced upon you, but if you have true faith and can see through life and death, you won’t become the slavery of any caste system or any chicken coop. It comes down to your heart. If your heart is calm and doesn’t flutter for impetuosity and profits or for worries and instigation, you will find your away around disasters and calamities.
  3. 01:35:40 The best benefit for us about Biden’s presidency is digital currencies. In the U.S, the securities and exchange commission (SEC) determines whether digital currencies can be traded as securities, and their regulation is extremely tight. A currency requires a license to be traded, and the license is very hard to acquire. Gary is the most influential speaker on digital currencies. His professional knowledge and understanding of virtual currencies are at the top in the U.S right now. He is close with Zuckerberg but dislikes Wang Qishan. He said that digital currencies are unstoppable and will definitely be the future of humanities. But supervision and regulation are the most important. We cannot let digital currencies become a platform of money laundry and tax invasion. If Trump had won back then, we would’ve had another good friend as the president; now we have Biden. It will be a huge win for us if Gary becomes the president in the future. This is God’s will. There are opportunities in crisis and crisis in opportunities in anything. It all comes down to your abilities.
  4. 01:40:40 G-coin and G-dollar are the only twin currency in humankind, one fixed and one floating. It is also the only digital currency that takes 20% of its money to buy gold as provisions. When I heard this person wants to be the president, I was so excited that I felt warm. This is the God trying to help us Whistleblower Movement! At the most important moment of decision for humankind, the currency policies changed before a war is started. More importantly we are the only one with provisions and a fixed currency as well as a floating currency. Our design and concepts are literally priceless. Any currently available digital currency, such as Bitcoin with only 27 million in total, how much can it be worth? It’s worth 300 to 400 billion, which cannot influence the world at all. As we mentioned before, we went to acquire the biggest world currency company and trading market in Japan. Its founder is the top three key persons in world currencies. This company has 2.5 million clients. Its technology in world currencies is ranked top five. It is one of the few trading platforms to first trade Bitcoin, and it has trading license in U.S, Europe, Canada and all over the world. Its evaluation increase by 2500 million dollars overnight. We have advantage in timing, technology and conditions. Although we did not manage to acquire this company, but we definitely can with others. What happened in America can let us finish all this series of plans within 3 to 5 years. After that, is anything that we can’t do? Right now, God sent someone here who supports digital currencies as well as strict regulations. So now a situation is formed that is even better than Trump winning. The New Federal State of China is getting help from the God! First movie in 2021, the White Tiger, made me think and see the secrets within. We need to wake up the Americans, and let Pompeo understand that this is a White Elimination plan. Therefore, if the CCP is not down, there is no peace in the world; nobody will safety and a future.
  5. 01:49:50 GTV will have a series of plans. The legal regulations of the second private placement will be released after six months. Our second private placement will take place in the second half of this year. Please believe GTV will never quit under any circumstance. I will take full responsibility. If you don’t believe in GTV you can take your money anytime; I will give you multiple times to choose. Please take a look at all the notices and live streams from New Federal State of China and Himalaya Clubs. I will pay back to anyone who lost any money in G-series. You can leave at any time if you don’t believe it.
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