CCP is the Enemy of Humanity

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Statistics of CCP virus to date:

  • Worldwide:    110,000,000+ infected; 2,400,000+ dead
  • U.S:                28,000,000+ infected; 500,000+ dead
  • India:              15,000,000+ infected; 150,000+ dead
  • Brazil:             10,000,000+ infected; 240,000+ dead
  • U.K:                4,000,000+ infected; 110,000+ dead
  • China:            True number, unknown ???                      

From the above, countries with long economic ties with the Communist China have high infection and dead rates over large areas. The statistics from China is deemed to be unreliable.

The number of infections and deaths worldwide is bound to be much higher than the published figures if the true number of infection and dead rates from China are included. 

Since the publication of Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s scientific reports, there are increasing number of scientists worldwide who became vocal in acknowledging that the virus originated from a lab – in other words, man-made.

According to the Czech Prague Morning Post on February 17th, Cardinal Dominic P Dominik Duka considers the new coronavirus a biological and chemical weapon, further commented “all the military experts around the world are convinced of this, they are simply afraid to say it for fear, or they are not allowed to say it at all”.  

Fortunately in the information age, it is impossible to completely cover up these voices that call out China for releasing this virus which is a biological weapon. The truth will ultimate be revealed. 

Since the Czech Republic is a NATO member, once the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus is defined as a biological and chemical weapon at the national level, NATO countries can unite to confront China. The rest of the world will follow suit forming a global coalition to eliminate the CCP. 

In another news, a textbook used in China military college titled “The Unnatural Origin of SARS and the Genetic Weapon of the New Human Virus” has come to light recently.  It detailed chemical and biological weapons as a tool for unrestricted warfare.

The Communist Party of China has now launched biological and chemical weapons to the world causing great sufferings around the world as the viral pandemic spreads. This process is similar to Yamamoto’s idea of a Pearl-Harbor-styled planned attack originated from an American novel titled the “The Great Pacific War”. Xi Jinping has this same gambler mindset.

The CCP was once a very poor country, so it went around selling the economic benefits of a 1.4 billion people’s market to lure overseas investors.

When enough money and technology was stolen, the CCP became able to develop chemical and biological weapons. 

What’s next on the radar? The pandemic creates a vaccine economy, but vaccines alone cannot solve the problem once and for all. As the CCP virus is highly mutant, a new variant requires a new vaccine. For the CCP, this is about a cycle of releasing a new variant to sell new vaccine repeatedly.  This is an evil industry chain.

After a period of economic growth, the CCP accumulated a great deal of wealth by enslaving 1.4 billion people.  Indeed, the real ambition lies in the enslavement of people from all over the world.

The virus threatens the world far beyond the economic threat. Not co-operating with the CCP will see one losing the market and also your life. 

The CCP has made itself an enemy of all mankind for what it did. As long as the CCP is not destroyed, the virus will not stop.

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